Red hats we hate: Fred Durst and Donald Trump

Red hats we hate: Fred Durst and Donald Trump

The outcome of the U.S.A elections this year has left not only America in utter shock, but it has also left the entire world in shock, as we all saw former reality-tv star and entrepreneur Donald Trump elected as the president of the U.S. His red hat with ‘Make America Great Again’  written on it will be hard to forget, because it’s left some people in America and even around the world questioning whether he will actually make it great again. Another red hat that we simply cannot forget is frontman of Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst’s red hat. Both of these public figures are entirely different and irrelevant to one another (not even worth the comparison), but people have polar reactions towards them, and they both have red hats.


Fred Durst with his ‘iconic’ red hat

Fred Durst has been pretty controversial, I mean, just listen to a couple of Limp Bizkit songs. Limp Bizkit’s song ‘Nookie’ from their 1999 album ‘Significant Other’ left some people rather offended due to its sexist lyrics (he did it all for the nookie). But this was no surprise, as Fred Durst is no stranger to such extreme opinions in his lyrics. Although you’ve got to admit ‘Nookie’ has a catchy hook, the lyrics are just plain wrong. The music video is rather iconic, and it is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Limp Bizkit. Fred Durst can be seen in this music video with his iconic red hat as women walk behind him. The music video just ends with him getting arrested by the police; total badass, right? Ah, this was Nu Metal at its finest, and you either loved it or hated it. The lyrics were usually edging on being sexist and fairly violent, but Fred Durst took that far. Nu Metal was cringy and it felt like a bunch of kids trying to seem cool and edgy, but they just ended up making a fool of themselves.



Trump with his own red hat. Could he be doing it for the nookie too?

Trump, a controversial figure, is also somebody doing something that a lot of people feel uneasy about (becoming president of the U.S). He’s getting a lot of hate for it, mostly because he did say ‘Grab ’em by the pussy’ and made fun of disabled people (just to name the minimum amount of things he’s actually said that are plain wrong). People either love or hate Trump, and also his red hat. Nobody knows what he’s going to actually do, and nobody likes change. This is a new era of politics, and you’ve ought to brace yourselves, but always remember to be kind to one another and never invade somebody else’s human rights. Maybe the Donald will surprise his nation and when January comes he’ll be more presidential, only time will tell.


Although both of these celebrities are not comparable, people have strong point of views surrounding them. Meanwhile Nu Metal is probably dead, we still remember the slight cringe and wrongness of Fred Durst singing ‘did it all for the nookie’. Despite the fact that people hope for Trump to come out of the other side as a more presidential leader and not undo the progress that has been established in the U.S lately (LGBT, Transgender community, etc), we will always remember his hurtful words throughout his campaign. These words are what has sparked the anger from the people, and here’s hoping that he at least buries that in the past and leads the country in favour of everyone.


Living Fast and Dying Young With Germs

Living Fast and Dying Young With Germs

There’s clear debate surrounding the roots of punk, although from my point of view it certainly began in England, but we can never be too sure. However, the L.A punk scene is certainly a scene that deserves it’s own recognition, and this is most definitely due to Germs and their lead singer Darby Crash.


Every Germs gig was a hellacious one where things were bound to get super rowdy. Crash was absolutely out of this world with his performances as lead singer, something like a cross-over between Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Crash would dive into the crowd and keep his clothing to some sort of minimum. He would step on stage obviously drugged out of his mind and singing into everything except into the microphone as he would roll on the ground from time to time and provoke the audience into further conflict. It’s safe to say that in order to really get yourself into the spirit of things, you’d have to witness the band performing live. Joan Jett actually got pretty close to bottling this absolute madness into a record called GI, which features legendary punk anthems such as Lexicon Devil, Sex Boy, and Communist Eyes in their utmost prime beauty. 

Back in the earlier days of Germs, there were not many hopes for the band’s future. Their first single Formation came back with a note from the pressing plant saying that this record will give you ear cancer. Probably the only musically experienced member in the band was guitarist Pat Smear who would later on go join Nirvana and Foo Fighters. It was not long until heroin practically consumed frontman Darby Crash at the age of 22, and that’s when Germs were practically over. Even though the band later reformed, it wasn’t the same without having Crash around.


Crash was certainly a mysterious character to say the least, and an absolute tragedy due to how short his life was cut. A lot of his lifestyle was fuelled by girls who would drive him to places and get him drugs, although his relationship with them was usually rather platonic. In fact, there’s growing speculation that Crash was a closeted homosexual and feared coming out of the closet due to the hatred that he probably thought he would receive as a result, especially at the moment in time during the 70s. When Crash committed suicide in 1980, John Lennon’s death stole the headlines, but there were rumours that Darby Crash was attempting to write “Here lies Darby Crash” on the wall moments before his death. However, in reality he wrote a note to the bassist of Germs, Bosco, “My life, my leather, my love goes to Bosco”. Although Crash lived a very short life, he and Germs have influenced many other punk bands to this day. There are some split views regarding Darby Crash’s talent, as he was usually drugged out of his mind during performances and at times performing with a piece of paper in his hand (he would forget some of the words to the songs). Despite his highly troubled exterior, I’m pretty sure that deep inside him there was a shy boy who was lost, confused and maybe even feeling out of place. However, the songs that he had written during the time he lived are songs that are pure poetry and honesty.