In this tech-savvy society that we live in we are constantly bombarded by advertisements and information, to the extent where it becomes second nature to find some kind of sponsored ad whilst you’re surfing the net at some point. Something stood out in my social media feed today, and that was a curious link telling me to click there for drugs. Now I know what you’re thinking, but it didn’t look sketchy, I mean it was being sponsored by Facebook. Curiosity crept onto me before I could even rationalise my choice to click (I mean, there obviously weren’t going to be any drugs- the description of the video made it sound so broad, I knew that it was bound to be some artsy project). That little rational choice allowed me to discover this band ‘Formation’, who make music that is definitely worth tuning yourself into.

The video was a compilation of VCR taped videos that you had to click through to apparently get these so-called “drugs”. It showed various images that captured the mood and emotions, which crept in with drugs, it also obviously showed drugs. This concept of drugs extended itself in such a philosophical manner throughout this experience of clicking through all that VCR footage whilst the band’s song ‘Drugs’ played. You can call it whatever, but that’s smart advertising. This interactive music video could possibly broaden the horizons of marketing and evidently the making of music videos, especially for the millennial and upcoming generations that are raised on electronics.

The song shines a light on London’s cocaine scene, but it also shines a light on today’s consumer society, with drugs or no drugs. It’s a relevant choice of subject and of visual art, because we live in a society fuelled by drugs (including legal drugs), we’ve got a remedy for loads of things. The millennial generation does not only have the empowering desire to know it all and solve everything, but they also like to dig back to the old stuff and give it a revamp (thus the VCR footage). This can be observed in the rapidly emerging trends of the 2010s, all of which millennial parents may sit there wondering why their children are wearing their old high waist jeans, sweaters, sneakers, and dresses from when they were younger in the 80s-90s. Not only do we see this happening in fashion, we also see this happening in music, for example, vinyls have become largely popular again. Isn’t it strange how you’d expect such a tech-savvy generation like that of the millennial generation to advance in such things, but they don’t really seem to care for that stuff? Some may wonder it’s strange, but it is quite understandable. This music video somehow corresponds to that, and makes you wonder such things, that’s what makes it so relevant.

The song ‘Drugs’ by Formation is a pretty good song with a catchy chorus that features lyrics relevant to the individual, and a rhythm section that is bound to hook you onto the rest of the song. CLICK HERE FOR DRUGS… who knows, you might find just what you’ve been looking for all this time…



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