Hindsight: Cowboys from Hell- Pantera

Transitioning from the thrashing and big-haired 80s into the grungy and teen angsty 90s was a strain on those who were fans of heavy metal. The 90s amounted to bands such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains, all of which were not heavy, but soon dominated the charts.

Just when we thought heavy metal was going to be buried by grunge, Texas heavy metal band Pantera came along. They brought something fresh to the table, and that was their bouncy riffs. Although their songs at times feel predictable due to their typical verse-chorus formats, which lack guitar solos, we cannot deny the talent that the band had of making their riffs sustain their songs rhythmically. Songs like Cowboys from Hell, Domination, Shattered, The Art of Shredding, are clear representatives of how brilliant and talented this album was, due to their tendency of making this album feel ageless. Despite that it wasn’t their debut album, it certainly felt like the band had reinvented themselves, and so arguably this was their debut into the music industry. After this album the band released their next masterpiece, ‘Vulgar Display of Power’, which features the much acclaimed song ‘A New Level’. It was only the start of Pantera, the COWBOYS FROM HELL!


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