Check Out Upcoming RAPPER Lilgims

Although hip-hop is not my scene, I tend to make exceptions at times, even if rarely. Earlier this week I came across a dedicated young rapper whose lyrics grasped my attention instantaneously. This young rapper that goes by the name of Lilgims will impress you in his own right. The instrumentals through most tracks on his mixtape ‘Legends Are Made’ provides a good feel towards the lyrics, which I feel are what make this rapper stand out the most. You can see this quality of work in his song ‘Downfall of Society’, which manages to rub the right spot. You can hear sheer determination and dedication towards his music throughout each track, which communicates a clear passion and drive. If you want deeply moving and realistic lyrics then I suggest you take some time to check Lilgim’s Soundcloud and listen to his ‘Legends Are Made’ mixtape.


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