King Kofi’s mixtape ‘Just A Dude In Need Of A Chance’ is a follow up from his debut ‘All Hail’. This mixtape has got 10 tracks filled with melancholic, ambient, electronica, all along with hip-hop anthems and stunning poetic lyrics. The rapper hailing from North London successfully explores the genre creatively and boldly, by carefully implementing eccentric elements into this refreshing mixtape all with a lot of himself to top it off.

Press Image 2.jpgYou will find charismatic tracks that you can definitely see yourself dancing to, such as ‘Theme Song’, and particularly the song ‘JADINOAC’ that will remain in your head even after the song has ended with its deep-cutting lyrics, both are certainly songs that you could expect to hear on the radio and would end up falling in love with. Then you’ve got slower, more eccentric tracks like ‘Don’t Cry Over Me’ with its steady rhythm and melancholic lyrics. Also, ‘Empath Freestyle’ (ft. Joshua Igbo) with its beautiful piano instrumentals, rhythmic beats and vocals that generally bring a refreshing fusion into the entire mixtape making it more sensual and intimate. Meanwhile, ‘Pennies’ being a charismatic piece in terms of chorus work has got firm lyrics with raw emotion being communicated through each word. The song ‘Jabsterz’ is a gorgeous number that is hugely emotional to listen to following up the song ’24’ from Kofi’s debut ‘All Hail’, showing us how honest of an artist King Kofi is when it comes to his art. It is clear that the lyrics are what once again sink deep into your heart when listening to this song along with the light vocals, guitar strumming, and Kofi’s steady flow throughout. The sensational mellow track ‘Dreuw’ with its bouncing hip-hop tempo that compliments Kofi’s voice and words is probably one of the best songs on the mixtape along with ‘Jabsterz’, ‘JADINOAC’, and the fun and witty ‘Theme Song’.

The opening song ‘Waltz’ is another heavy and melancholic piece on the mixtape, with its dark electronica tune that creates depth in its overall melody, and the eerie overall chorus that lures you into the entire body of the song. It is certainly a great song to open this emotional, clever, and eccentric album with. Both ‘No Zone’ and ‘I’m So High’ are breathy, sensual and evidently melancholic pieces, something which King Kofi appears to pull off wisely throughout this mixtape, making the overall mixtape unique.

The creativity that goes into the whole mixtape makes it a pleasing and refreshing listen, however, Kofi should’ve gone all the way with this eccentric approach that he takes in a lot of his songs, because clearly he is able to pull it off. As listeners we are being fed so many emotions throughout this mixtape in such a raw manner. In a world where the music industry manipulates and the artists are their puppets, King Kofi remains as himself all the way, and that is what we need and hopefully that never goes away. This mixtape is a window into who King Kofi is, since it is a very confessional and intimate piece. Kofi is enabling us to step into his world throughout the entire mixtape, which is really how music should be. It is a cathartic journey full of confessional lyrics educating us on the hard knocks of life. You’ll be pleased to know that the mixtape has been solely released on the internet, which means that you can have a listen without any hassle at

Press Image 1.jpgYou can catch King Kofi on Soundcloud, Instagram and Twitter @myotherkingdom




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