Album Review: Blind Spot – Lush

This is the latest album review, which is of Lush’s recently released album ‘Blind Spot’. It’s the band’s first album release since their hiatus period in 1996. There were a number of things that sparked their ‘hiatus’ or break-up, among those was Chris Acland’s unfortunate suicide. It’s taken a while for the band to get past that and carry on creating such bewitching tunes that tend to lure its listeners in.

Their final moments as a band were personally not my favourite. Despite that their last album ‘Love Life’ is a marvellous and cheerful album that is exquisite in its own right, it was not what I loved the band for initially. In ‘Love Life’ you could see Lush leaning more onto Britpop than Shoegaze, however, they still tackled Britpop just as elegantly as they tackled Shoegaze, but I’ve always had a yearning for their Shoegaze period. Their album ‘Scar’ was amongst those albums that were filled with beautiful, melancholic and alluringly lustrous Shoegaze tunes, I’ve always yearned for them to get back to that period where they crafted tunes like ‘Baby Talk’ and ‘Thoughtforms’, which were bittersweet with a sprinkle of innocence that Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi’s dreamy vocals provided.

Now that the band are BACK TOGETHER, they’ve gone back to that SHOEGAZE period, and I am absolutely THRILLED. It’s been a while, but we have certainly not forgotten their unique and splendid tunes. We just hope that they release even more music, because they have been missed.


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