Album Review: Welcome The Worms – Bleached

Bleached’s latest album ‘Welcome The Worms’ reminisces a fair bit on the 1990s pop-punk, pop-rock scene. It successfully includes elements of pop, but at the same time it  has the opportunity to be an alternative unique piece. Bleached hailing from California have previously released their album ‘Ride Your Heart’, an album which is harmoniously entertaining with its bits of rebellion in terms of how the actual songs are like.

In comparison to ‘Ride Your Heart’ this album is more mature and perhaps even darker. It has more of a direction. It’s great to see bands growing and shaping into something much stronger, and this is what Bleached seem to be doing. The band have been selling out gigs with this new album, so it’s clear that they are on their way to ultimate success.

Watch and find out more about ‘Welcome The Worms’ by Bleached.


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