Black Sabbath are popularly assumed as the fathers of heavy metal due to their innovative, loud and murky sound that eventually became an identity for them. Having started out in an industrial town such as Birmingham in the 60s, the boys didn’t have much of a future to aspire, however, the formation of the band took them away from that bleak future. It was their 1970 self-titled debut album that gave birth to the heavy metal that Sabbath are widely known for. They were since then recognised as innovators in music, and hit instant fame soon after.

The band’s success was inevitable, but their drug abuse rapidly broke them apart. Ozzy’s reckless behaviour lead to the rest of the band getting frustrated in 1979, and thus firing him. For the band it must’ve been a relief, but fans didn’t take the news very well. Ozzy was the main attraction for many Sabbath fans, and thus the band instantly needed to find some kind of new replacement. The band had managed to get a hold of Ronnie James Dio, a rock god in his own right. This lead to one of the band’s most highly regarded records of all time, ‘Heaven or Hell’. Dio’s vocals were sharp and high, enough to cling into those murky and loud riffs that Black Sabbath were known for. Certainly, Dio was the right guy to replace Ozzy, but that’s arguable for many Sabbath fans. This line-up only lasted for a certain amount of time, having Tony Iommi at some point leave to be with Jethro Hull. However, one thing lead to another, and fast-foward into ’13’, their latest album.

’13’, released in 2013, has been a very strong comeback for the band, something which in my opinion is historic. It totally wraps up the band’s career, as we are back again with Ozzy being the lead singer. It was a very mature record for the band to produce, because it wasn’t them stating that “God Is Dead”, like they typically would in their hay days,  instead it was them inquiring, “God Is Dead?”. Tony’s lyrics had clearly grown into something so philosophical and beautiful, and so did the rest of the band. It was clear that this album marked a milestone in the band’s career, especially if you were lucky enough to see this album surface up after having witnessed the band’s earlier days when they were still trying to make it. It was a bewildering experience for many of us to come across ’13’ at this time, because even though there was a significant reminiscence of Black Sabbath’s musical career, nobody expected the band to actually  get back together. Not only did Black Sabbath’s generation have a second chance in discover the band once again, but there was the opportunity for a new generation to discover and experience their music as well. Black Sabbath’s comeback album was received very warmly. Would it be a bit of a stretch to ask for another one?


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