Listen to Boy from the Crowd’s latest album “Where the bees come to die”

If you’re looking for a bluesy, punk, and rock’n’roll fix then Boy from the Crowd are just what you are looking for. The band hailing from London have got their latest album up on their band camp page and it is definitely worth a listen, you can also purchase it if you want. Their style is unique, creative, and carefully selected, you can even see this in their actual face make up that certainly makes them stand out. You can clearly see their unique style in their songs, as they have a very intriguing mix. If Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, and David Bowie had a child then it would be Boy from the Crowd; they’ve got that quirkiness of The Rolling Stones, the originality and art of David Bowie, and they’ve got the kick ass bluesy riffs that Jimi Hendrix is notorious for.

It’s all very great stuff, making us want more music from these guys. Their music video for Revelator is a defining sampler into what their music and style has to offer. When I first checked these guys out I was shocked with how many amazing influences they had embedded into their music, making it feel like a nostalgic tune but completely turned around into their own original and unique stuff. They appear to approach their songs in a very strong attitude and open mind, which in its own essence shows potential for their future in rock’n’roll, as this is always a captivating quality for any musician in the business.

Hopefully there will be more to come from these guys, as it would be very interesting to know what Boy from the Crowd whip up as their next single.


2 thoughts on “Listen to Boy from the Crowd’s latest album “Where the bees come to die”

  1. Never heard of these guys, but the way you sell their music its definitely worth a listen. Are you sure you’re not their Manager?

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