You thought punk was all? Well NOW you’ve got HORROR PUNK

The sub-genre that is bound to make your stomach churn. It still includes the unbeatable and undeniable elements that punk essentially has, but spookier. It all lays in the mortifying lyrics tainted by the rockabilly-casually sounding tunes. You might find yourself facing some type of juxtaposition with horror punk due to the clash between the upbeat sounding music and the morbid subjects that it speaks about. Horror punk also shows itself in the aesthetics of the bands that are considered horror punk, for example, take into account The Misfits’ funky hairdos and make-up. It’s pretty distinguishable that they’re most likely doing it to scare the crap out of you.

Some people could look at horror punk and ask themselves if certain musicians that they listen to such as Alice Cooper, who are notorious for indulging themselves in this spooky type of atmosphere that horror punk emits, could go under this category of horror punk. The thing to really consider here is that horror punk is an aspect of music (especially in its aesthetics) that can be so influential. Alice Cooper could or could not know what horror punk is, same as many other musicians, despite that there is a possibility of them actually coming across horror punk in its direct and original format and influencing their own style as an artist. I don’t know, I haven’t asked Alice Cooper, but I should.

Indulge your brain cells into this video that discusses horror punk, its origins as well as its unique ways. One of a kind, there isn’t too much about horror punk on the internet, so sink your fangs and claws into this.


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