David Bowie Departs Peacefully

To much of everyone’s shock and grief, early this morning the legend David Bowie has died after an 18-month battle with cancer. It is indeed a tremendous loss for many of us that adored his art and craftsmanship. Just a few days ago, David turned 69 and that’s when he released his last album ‘Blackstar’. Listening to the album right now after this tragic news is slightly eerie, however, listening to it now would also make a lot of sense. The song ‘Lazarus’ perhaps could give us an insight into the tragedy of the singer’s death, however it is goose-bump material! This is because David communicates his message of death so clearly in the song that it truly feels like a message made for his fans who would be grieving his death. The music video is very symbolic with him on what it seems to be his death bed and his eyes all bandaged up. He seems to be jotting his thoughts and ideas with a lot of energy in a journal at certain times, and the actual scenery of the whole music video is very dark and mortal.

The actual song itself is beautifully crafted with simplicity and of course a lot of thought. There isn’t a single doubt that David Bowie is a genius and a true artist, he knows what he is doing. The song creates an atmosphere that is very appropriate for a tragedy but with a hint of freedom as he sings “You know I’ll be free/ Just like that bluebird”. David also sings about being in danger and that he’s “got nothing left to lose”, as well as the fact that he claims he has “scars that can’t be seen”. At first when the song was released many fans heard the lyrics in a manner of metaphors, but now everything is much too real in this song .

It still feels absolutely unreal that David Bowie has died, it is almost like some kind of nightmare. I never knew the guy, wish I got to meet him though, we would’ve had the most interesting conversations ever. For sure he has left an immortal mark in this world, especially for those involved in art. His song “Changes” which he released earlier on in his career has impacted many in retrospective, it surely has impacted me on a very personal basis. The very first album of his that I bought was ‘Hunky Dory’ and it stunned me so much as an artist. ‘Hunk Dory’ was such a unique album, everything about it was so inspirational and even self -fulfilling. Within every song my younger self felt the inspiration to make such beautiful art as well, and also to view the world in such colour, with no filters, and lots of acceptance. As a young adult chasing a dream of art and truth in this world, David Bowie served as a huge motivation and inspiration in many of my choices. David sang for the masses but he never lost himself in doing so, he was a man of courage and a large will to be different. His songs were able to reach out to those who somehow didn’t feel accepted and the world he created through his music was a world of colour, humour and beauty. He was a poet, an artist, a beautiful human being.



One thought on “David Bowie Departs Peacefully

  1. @claudiahasablog what a beautiful tribute to a wonderful artist and musician. You can feel your sentiment in your words after reading it, and I feel happy that he has had an impact on your young life. He is in heaven now, and I’m sure that he is happy reading your words, as that is precisely the reason he did what he did, to give people like you hope, courage and the ability to be different. May he always RIP

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