The singer from Radiohead recently expressed his anger toward YouTube in an interview because of the way in which YouTube present music. He has claimed that he doesn’t use YouTube because of how greedy it actually is.

“They put advertising before any content, making a lot of money and yet, artists are not paid or are paid small sums, and apparently this is fine for them (YouTube).”

Thom has a point here though, and we simply can’t go on dismissing it. This also impacts music nowadays, because there’s more flexibility to post whatever you want even if it’s absolute crap, so then the good stuff is somehow hidden amongst all this crap. It also impacts those artists that are talented enough to have the possibility of making a living out of music, but of course they simply cannot because of how easy it is for people on the internet to practically nick their music for free. The only people here that are really getting the cash are the hosts of these music sharing services.

Thom Yorke has previously expressed his frustration with Spotify describing it as, “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse”.

Indeed, it is not only fair that people stream music from the internet so effortlessly, but it is also sad, as many people nowadays have forgotten the beauty of purchasing a CD or anything of that sort, because now you get it all for free and easily.



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