Their much anticipated album is finally out, and it has been since early this month (Oct, 2nd). The front man of the band, Austin, claims that the title of the album is an ode to the creators of the universe, this being mothers. You can definitely see a huge change in the band since their debut album “Where The Heaven Are We?” back in 2013, back then their music was much more ‘hazey’, pop and less ‘acid-drenched’ as it is now. Mothers is bolder than any of their previous stuff, it really makes a statement for the band along with the name of the album.

We’re still able to witness Swim Deep’s ‘old’ sound in songs such as “Namaste” and “To My Brother” as they’ve still got that young hazey feel to them. We can see through the songs on this album that the band has grown and evolved, but they’re still as unique and as original as they initially were. “Heavenly Moment” is something very different from what we’ve heard the band do previously, it’s got a slower tempo, more solitude, but there’s less of that acid-drenched happy melody vibes that they tend to involve into their tunes. “Forever Spaceman” has that playful feel that “Grand Affection” also has, but they both make bold statements. Most of the songs on this album feel like a trip, like you’re basically on something, but in this sense you’re on their music. It’s something quite nice to experience. The lyrics are also really beautiful, for example, “One Great Song And I Could Change The World” has that emotional factor that only creates positivity for the listener, this also applies to “Hotel California”. They’re slow-tempo songs but then half way through they may have this build up of ‘dopamine’… and bam!

Mothers is really lengthy with 15 tracks, there’s so much to like in this album. We can’t miss “Fueiho Boogie”, it’s 8 and a half minutes long, and it’s basically a ‘boogie’  freak out! The band have explained that the song is based on the law in Japan that bans people from dancing in clubs in Japan. The song has got some unmissable feel-good vibes, definitely very uplifting. It is worth a listen, you won’t stop dancing once you start. You can see and feel the fun that the band had making this album when you listen to it.

Don’t forget to check out their music video for “Namaste”, it is absolutely hilarious!

The band are touring around, so everyone’s up for a good time with this one.


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