Kurt Vile is releasing his new album on September, 25th (pretty soon) and it seems like a really promising album!! You can listen to the album now via The Current which is a radio station in Minneapolis. Under the article you’ll find the player. The LP features really earthy-country vibes and astounding lyrics, Kurt Vile sort of reminds us of Bruce Springsteen here, but in Kurt’s own manner.

Indeed, the album does have those ‘night’ vibes, the musician says in an interview with Consequence of Sound that he’s “always been a night person”, and this is reflected on this LP. Kurt also admits that this is the darkest album that’s he released up to date, giving us some closure to his music when listening to it. There’s definitely that going on, no doubt about it, and this gives his album more quality and beauty.

In terms of songs ‘Pretty Pimpin’ which is the first song on the album is really upbeat, still being constant¬†to the darkness and deepness that this album depicts in particular. It’s a song you can kind of jam to on a late night. ‘Life Like This’ features a harmonious fusion between the guitar and piano, making this song both original and intense in a very coordinated manner. Kurt has this talent for intensifying his music to the listener in an original manner. ‘Lost My Head There’ is also really catchy, keeping that minimalistic style that it has, but of course not forgetting its depth and poetic beauty. Another song which you simply cannot miss on this album is ‘Stand Inside’ simply because of how flawless the lyrics are and how they are represented with the gentleness of the musical composition. It really makes you feel the song in your heart, something which this whole album provides the listener with. It’s really tough choosing songs that are so great in this album, because basically all of them show different stories and different emotional experiences all written down in a melodious and catchy manner. This is an album you can daze on and relax to.



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