Iron Maiden’s new release “The Book of Souls”

The British heavy metal rock band have released their 16th studio album “The Book of Souls” recently, and they have not failed to impress. Their album has had commercial success as it has peaked at #1 on the UK charts. It’s quite tough thinking that despite Iron Maiden having been around for decades can still conceive such a well-rounded and brilliant album such as this one. Iron Maiden have not gone out of fashion in our world, they’re still rather relevant and they are still loved and appreciated by many. This album is an important one to take into consideration due to its implications. Both its launch and supporting tour were delayed because of Bruce Dickinson’s recovery from a cancerous tumour.

Despite Bruce Dickinson’s battle with this cancerous tumour, in this album we discover that his singing continues to dazzle us as much as it did in the band’s earlier days. Therefore, this album is a powerful reflection on the lead singer’s struggles with cancer and also the recent unfortunate things that have occurred, such Robin Williams’ unfortunate suicide. The band have even written a song about Robin Williams titled, “Tears of a Clown” as Bruce Dickinson comments in an interview, “I ask myself how could he be so depressed when he always seemed to be so happy.” regarding the actor’s unfortunate passing.

The album still features high quality lyrics, riffs, solos, beautiful vocals, and much more that you’d expect from an iconic band such as Iron Maiden.


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