Kurt Vile’s new album “believe i’m goin’ down” reviewed (10/10)

Kurt Vile’s new album “believe i’m goin’ down” reviewed (10/10)

Kurt Vile is releasing his new album on September, 25th (pretty soon) and it seems like a really promising album!! You can listen to the album now via The Current which is a radio station in Minneapolis. Under the article you’ll find the player. The LP features really earthy-country vibes and astounding lyrics, Kurt Vile sort of reminds us of Bruce Springsteen here, but in Kurt’s own manner.

Indeed, the album does have those ‘night’ vibes, the musician says in an interview with Consequence of Sound that he’s “always been a night person”, and this is reflected on this LP. Kurt also admits that this is the darkest album that’s he released up to date, giving us some closure to his music when listening to it. There’s definitely that going on, no doubt about it, and this gives his album more quality and beauty.

In terms of songs ‘Pretty Pimpin’ which is the first song on the album is really upbeat, still being constant to the darkness and deepness that this album depicts in particular. It’s a song you can kind of jam to on a late night. ‘Life Like This’ features a harmonious fusion between the guitar and piano, making this song both original and intense in a very coordinated manner. Kurt has this talent for intensifying his music to the listener in an original manner. ‘Lost My Head There’ is also really catchy, keeping that minimalistic style that it has, but of course not forgetting its depth and poetic beauty. Another song which you simply cannot miss on this album is ‘Stand Inside’ simply because of how flawless the lyrics are and how they are represented with the gentleness of the musical composition. It really makes you feel the song in your heart, something which this whole album provides the listener with. It’s really tough choosing songs that are so great in this album, because basically all of them show different stories and different emotional experiences all written down in a melodious and catchy manner. This is an album you can daze on and relax to.



Iron Maiden’s new release “The Book of Souls”

The British heavy metal rock band have released their 16th studio album “The Book of Souls” recently, and they have not failed to impress. Their album has had commercial success as it has peaked at #1 on the UK charts. It’s quite tough thinking that despite Iron Maiden having been around for decades can still conceive such a well-rounded and brilliant album such as this one. Iron Maiden have not gone out of fashion in our world, they’re still rather relevant and they are still loved and appreciated by many. This album is an important one to take into consideration due to its implications. Both its launch and supporting tour were delayed because of Bruce Dickinson’s recovery from a cancerous tumour.

Despite Bruce Dickinson’s battle with this cancerous tumour, in this album we discover that his singing continues to dazzle us as much as it did in the band’s earlier days. Therefore, this album is a powerful reflection on the lead singer’s struggles with cancer and also the recent unfortunate things that have occurred, such Robin Williams’ unfortunate suicide. The band have even written a song about Robin Williams titled, “Tears of a Clown” as Bruce Dickinson comments in an interview, “I ask myself how could he be so depressed when he always seemed to be so happy.” regarding the actor’s unfortunate passing.

The album still features high quality lyrics, riffs, solos, beautiful vocals, and much more that you’d expect from an iconic band such as Iron Maiden.

Did the whole “Riot Grrrl” movement ever die out?

Did the whole “Riot Grrrl” movement ever die out?

Some sub-genres tend to burn into the scene and then just fade away as new trends and movements begin to occur. Back in the late 80s-early 90s many women, particularly in the music industry, were starting an angry feminist movement which expressed their disappointment for the way society treated women. This movement was the “Riot Grrrl” movement. It was mostly maintained as a movement in music, however there are also many visually artistic aspects to this movement such as zines, which eventually caused this to become a way of life for many women.

Women would dress the way they wanted and acted the way they wanted to, but they also formed rock bands where they could express their fury for the rape culture and many other issues degrading women around the world.

As a result bands such as Bikini Kill, L7, Bratmobile, and 7 Year Bitch were formed. These bands made songs that addressed their feminine points of view of certain aspects in society. Songs such as “Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill featured strong female characters that did what they felt like doing and resisted being raped by men or hating each other, in other words spreading the message that women should look out for each other, instead of competing against each other for some ‘silly’ man. Sometimes this musical movement can be overlooked, causing it to be underrated because it was only really popular until the mid 90s, and then it sort of hid away. This must’ve been because other trends were coming along and people simply forgot and moved on.

However, did it ever die out? Do riot grrrls still exist, and are they still making music? The world has evolved ever since the late 80s and more women have taken part in loads of music related things and more, when compared to the late 80s. Feminism is no longer something that needs to be known, everyone knows about it, maybe too much, which leads to a misunderstanding of what feminism really is. We live in a more open minded world today, so therefore women aren’t as degraded by society anymore. Who knows, maybe these bands, zines, and women in general made the world open their eyes in the 90s and realise that if you get on the wrong side of a woman you are screwed. Now a days, there’s still a feminist vibe going on, and yes, there’s all-girl rock bands expressing their own views and thoughts on society and men. There’s Girlpool who are a duo making beautiful music about most subjects that girls can probably relate to, but still presented with a strong voice and independent insight. There’s also Sleater-Kinney who have become really popular recently with their out-spoken lyrics and catchy riffs, they’re also making a difference, and in fact, they are actually identified as a riot grrrl band. Of course, there’s also Pussy Riot who are well known around the world for their lack of fear to express themselves, and that’s how it should be.

This whole lifestyle of being a riot grrrl, has changed, because times have changed. It never died out, it only evolved and shifted to benefit the young women of today’s society. I am speaking from my own point of view on this one, we still exist. We are just the girls that aren’t afraid and want to know more and more about the world, DIY our own jackets, fill our rooms with posters, and so much more, but we are definitely not afraid to be ourselves, and I believe that is one big thing to value about being a riot grrrl. Just be yourself.

If you’re feeling the whole riot grrrl vibes at the moment, I suggest you listen to this mini-playlist I put together for you.