Wolf Alice have been getting pretty big lately in terms of being an indie band. Their new album “My Love Is Cool” has come to my attention given that lately it’s been everywhere. I was rather surprised that an increasingly amount of people were making a big deal about it. However, after listening to the album, it’s quite understandable why a lot of people have plugged themselves into it. I’ve never been too keen on Wolf Alice until now, I guess prior to this, their songs kind of passed me by.

“My Love Is Cool” features beautiful vocals and stunning lyrics like most of Wolf Alice’s music. They really manage to make a bold and beautiful statement with the combination of vocals and guitar. The song “Turn to Dust” which is the first one on the album is a gorgeous one, it has this innocence and timeless feel to it. Definitely, one of the best song’s on the album is “Your Loves Whore” because it is irresistibly up-beat, and both the drums and guitar are snappy and on-point. Another song that you simply cannot miss on this album is “You’re a Germ”, it’s sweet, fun and still deep. The instrumentals on this song are combined so well that so much is felt when listening to the song, yet there’s that innocence still kept to it. Songs such as “Giant Peach” and “Fluffy” are loud but extremely charismatic as they leave a strong impression on the listener due to the energy which they hold. In fact, the whole album obtains a type of energy which feels unique.

Wolf Alice have definitely grown with this album, hopefully they keep growing and growing, thus becoming stronger. This album demonstrates that Wolf Alice is capable of really catchy riffs, bouncy bass lines, energetic drumming and swooning vocals.


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