Swim deep have recently been up to some really cool and new stuff with the making of their new album “Mothers”. We’ve already heard their new ground breaking single “To My Brother” which has this really hazy yet upbeat tune to it, and also “One great song and I could change the world” which still remains hazy and trippy but it’s more of a slow song compared to “To My Brother”.

Recently the band has released another new song which is to be featured in the new album, “Namaste”. This is absolutely something which completely new and fresh compared to the stuff they have, it kind of stirs away from Swim Deep’s ‘iconic’ sound. “Namaste” still keeps the usual upbeat and soft sound that Swim Deep is known for, however it is missing that trippy and hazy feeling that most of their songs have, which is rather shocking in its own terms. The band’s front man, Austin Williams recently went on Radio 1 and was asked about this new song and its relation to the new album, he said that “It’s a very immediate album, more a reaction to the realities that we’re in, rather than being a bit hazy about it.” It appears that the band themselves have grown and shaped themselves through their music, and this album happens to be an exhibition of their maturity as artists.

So there is more to expect. Watch this space, it seems like these lads are onto something.



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