Mac DeMarco’s 4th album has recently surfaced the internet, in a manner to benefit his fans and share the joy of his music. By doing so he has given out a lot of his songs for free, or simply just posted them straight up. His new album is called “Some Other Ones”, and it features songs such as “Onion Man”, “Don Juan”, and “Little Pepper”, all of which show the funky and chill side of Mac that is always portrayed through his tunes. All of the songs on this new album don’t contain any vocals, but they all follow that signature snazzy style that Mac is known for. Recently Mac has been giving his home address out and openly meeting fans, something that everyone has been hyping about, and this new album is a part of it.

There is a certain simpleness¬†to this album that makes it worth a listen, after all DeMarco has been considered by the press to be the ‘king’ of slacker rock. It may be true that the majority of his songs are rather short, however it’s the snazziness and warmness that is created within the songs that makes his music so great. One can always find a certain comfort in Mac’s music, even in this new album, despite the lack of lyrics. This is what makes his music so memorable. Mac said that he recorded a lot of the songs on this new album in a week off between tours, this just shows how ‘DIY’ this album appears.

You can listen to the album on his BandCamp site. It’s got some really chilled vibes, it’s very jizz-jazz.


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