There’s been a hype on the internet throughout the spring about this new Kurt Cobain documentary. It’s made a lot of us crave to watch it, probably even those who barely know of Kurt Cobain. It all sounds so good in the trailer and in the sources that the director/writer, Brett Morgen put together for the film.

As a documentary enthusiast and Kurt Cobain fan, I was a bit skeptical about the documentary, given that a lot of Nirvana fans that I know have always criticised the biographies and such. However, to be quite frank the film is worth a watch. Everything in the film from aesthetics to information is laid out impeccably well. The information is put into good use throughout the film and the music is not overused, but at the same time it isn’t underused. It all plays up to its appropriate moments and the interviews are surprising, given that even Kurt Cobain’s ex-girlfriend Tracy Marander is present in the documentary. It is also very surprising how they even managed to get actual sections of Kurt’s journals and drawings to incorporate into the film. This just proofs legitimacy of the film being a success in the eyes of the fans such as myself.

The film is available in the cinemas, and if not then for purchase at your nearest video shop place. It’s a really moving and thought-provoking documentary on the life and fame of the front man of Nirvana. The best part about the whole documentary is that it gives perspective of how Kurt was from many different aspects, even in home videos. He’s shown throughout the documentary as a family man, a happy being, an adorable child, confused teen, and a misunderstood rockstar. There is evidently an element of truth in this documentary that must be seen.


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