Apparently considered ‘indie’s most hated man’ (which I would personally disagree with to an extent), Ariel Pink has been given many different labels throughout his music career. Some of these labels include, asshole, jerk, or just weird. In some way he is a tad bit weird, however this ‘weirdness’ is communicated positively in a lot of his songs in his 2014 album “Pom Pom”.

Despite there being songs that are rather irritant such as ‘Plastic Raincoats in The Pig Parade’ where it has no appeal whatsoever, there are songs that have this 80s pop sound such as ‘Lipstick’ which Ariel manages to play off real well, always capturing the listener with a catchy rhythm. It is evident in ‘Put Your Number in My Phone’ that the guy has a soft place in his heart, the whole music video even shows this caring side of him, and the song is sweet and super chilled. Ariel does ‘simple’ really well in this song, kudos to him for that. So he’s not that bad right? Some of his songs do have a story behind them, and that’s what makes him an alright musician. It is evident that ‘Pom Pom’ is not that much of a serious album when we come across ‘Black Ballerina’ which has its own sense of humour to appreciate, but with a ‘danceable’ chorus, “Elevators, manufacturers, Elevators, manufacturers“!

Ariel definitely changes the vibes from song to song giving us a total ‘late 60s Beach boys’ vibe in ‘Nude Beach A Go-Go’, which isn’t half bad. Then afterwards he gives us an ’emotionally moving’ and ‘inspiring’ vibe in ‘Dayzed Inn Daydreams’, especially in the music video which you shouldn’t miss!

The guy has his ups and downs, but you can’t deny despite him having a few vague and obnoxious songs, if you dig deep enough you’ll find good songs too, at least for a quick listen to sing along to in the shower. Ariel Pink has potential, his voice is pretty good and he’s got some good knowledge. It is all about where he puts all that potential that matters. There’s hopes to see some better stuff coming from him sometime soon… perhaps a new single?

(Pitchfork have said he might be doing a collab with Flaming Lips and Miley Cyrus, that’ll be interesting to hear, considering that Miley is pop and the Flaming Lips are legends.)

especially the music


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