Are vinyls making a comeback?

Recently this April for the first time ever the Official Vinyl Charts were launched in the UK. This was largely due to the increased interest on vinyl records in the past three years or so. According to the Official Vinyl Charts website, last year there were 1.3m vinyls sold, apparently this was the highest number in 20 years. Of course vinyls are going to be trendy now, everyone is nostalgic now a days, and a lot of the younger generations want to experience something that makes them stand out or makes them appear unique. Other people, such as myself, enjoy the ritualistic feel it has to it rather than the simpleness of tapping onto a new song and pausing it with just a carless tap. Vinyls do make a difference if you’re a fan of music. It’s strange to think that a lot of people are actually buying vinyl players and listening to records. The media has been portraying all of this as some kind of revolutionary movement that today’s pop culture has turned to, when in all honesty vinyl records aren’t as drastically making a comeback as the media says so. It’s just people have grown curious and interested about them, but with the fabulous technology we have now a days where music can be streamed in less than one minute, do you think everyone would start buying records all of a sudden?

According to The Guardian this whole ‘come back of vinyls’ portrayal is only a marketing technique seen as vinyls are only 2% of the recording music industry’s market. You could easily gather up from that, that vinyls may be popularly making a comeback, but that’s only the media’s side of the story. In other words, we speak of vinyls being cool and everything, but it is typical of us to forget about literally buying them.

We may be interested to ‘go back in time’ and try these beautiful formats of music, because let’s admit it, sometimes having such easy access to music can make it feel meaningless. The recent hype has been all about this kind of stuff, and we can’t help but give ourselves in, although it seems way easier to youtube “vinyl version” and listen to whatever song you want to listen to on vinyl right from the comfort of youtube. It sounds pretty sad to think that some of us actually do that, but we’re only curious and want to be a part of something. Thing is we want to feel history just by the comfort of our fingertips, but we have all this great stuff that shows we don’t have to go through such great lengths to achieve a good listen to a song, but when it’s something so ritualistic, we can’t deny we’d love to try it.


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