This past weekend as part of Morrissey’s 2015 UK tour he went to Birmingham where he finished his tour. It was an astounding night filled with great performances by him and his opening act Buffy Sainte-Marie. He didn’t fail to wow the audience with his band and ringing incandescent vocals. When he first walked up on stage in modesty he managed to capture all the attention there was to capture. There was even a bit of Spain in his performance with the casual ‘gracias’ and the beautifully pronounced ‘paz mundial’ when he performed the song “World Peace is None of Your Business”. Despite him not talking too much between his songs, he truly had an individual presence on stage which is admirable.

The opening act was flawless with Buffy Sainte-Marie’s authentic and raw vocals. Her songs were very much down to earth and organic with sounds that could take you right to the Native Indians in some beautiful manner. She also had an enormous stage presence as she continued to inspire the audience with motivational and extremely sincere remarks in between the songs. This was one of the few opening acts that I’ve witnessed where I did not get bored at all, in fact I was quite bummed when it was over because I had hoped for her opening act to be longer.

Morrissey had some really great moments during “World Peace is None of Your Business”, the song was top notch with the perfect lighting and passion. Morrissey did not disappoint throughout the concert, even when considering his recent health scares, the man was still kicking at it as if he had not aged. “Meat is Murder” was a positively traumatising experience, some people may not have liked it, but then again why go if you won’t? Morrissey is an extreme vegetarian and you can see all that passion and dedication in this performance which is truly moving. Morrissey opened up with the song “The Queen is Dead” which was quite a good laugh and very entertaining as he completely went against the English monarchy with his witty and cheeky remarks. Even if you are a fan of the English monarchy it is still quite entertaining to watch as the song was catchy and Morrissey was still singing it like he did back in the day.

The concert was a great experience both moving and very entertaining. Morrissey is without a doubt an extremely intelligent artist, and seeing him on stage is a must! For being in his 50s he has not aged and hopefully we’ll be hearing more from him for a long way to come.


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