Canadian rising star Tobias Jesso Jr. is worth a listen with his beautiful piano infused songs. This man pours his heart into every single song he does, you can see his huge heart in his debut album “Goon” which features songs such as “Without You” and “Just A Dream”, his piano compliments his bluesy voice perfectly. His music resembles a beautiful ‘swan’ piano version of Bruce Springsteen (mostly Springsteen’s love songs). The unique thing about Tobias’ music (besides him writing and composing his own stuff) is that it’s not too cheesy, as you can’t help but be cheesy when you’ve got a piano by your side! His song “Hollywood” from the title is expected to be cheesy, but it is quite the opposite. Each part of the song communicates the beauty of dreams and chances instead of communicating the cliché “I’m going to hollywood and I’m going to be a diva. I’m going to party with Kanye and Beyonce. Ohhhh yeah!”.  We can see that we’ve got an original young man in our hands! Another must-listen is “How Could You Babe” his voice is particularly gorgeous here with his heartfelt crooning and simplistic wording that clutch you deep in the heart.

Other than his music being stunning and far from boring, Tobias is quite the humble young man. Recently Tobias Jesso Jr. was featured on Pitchfork’s ‘Guest Lists’ segment where he was interviewed on his music and general things about himself. The interview reveals a humorous and humble person who likes mint toothpicks and idolises Adele.

You should go and check his music out, below you’ll find a couple of his songs from a Youtube playlist.


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