Album Review: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Chasing Yesterday (8/10)

On his second solo album Noel Gallagher plays with some sleazy riffs and clean vocals that involve a great amount of harmonies, it is more or less in touch with today’s rock n roll but still in-keeping with its originality. It is clear that he has left his Oasis days far behind (but you can still sort of hear it faintly at the heart of his solo music) and now he’s working quite hard on his solo career. His new album Chasing Yesterday is filled with catchy and upbeat songs such as “Do The Damage” which has got some very energetic vibes along with it’s drumming patterns and bright-sounding sax solo. We can see an updated version (at least a little bit) of the ‘Oasis’ that we miss with Noel’s vocals in “Come on Outside” and in the guitar riffs in “You Know We Can’t Go Back”, it totally makes us feel nostalgic. This album is bloody brilliant in terms of lyrics as well, Noel never fails us with his lyrics in almost every song. Noel’s words always build a world inside his music, which is a very admirable quality for a musician to have!

Of course, Noel Gallagher has been around for a while and he’s sort of ‘died’ in the eye of the public along with the ‘britpop’ that was popular in the 90s, however to his fans he is still as invincible as before. Sincerely, Noel is one of the few artists that even more than a decade after still has it. Most of the songs in this album show that the musician is still doing well in terms of his music, for example the song “Freaky Teeth” is stupendously roaring with rock n roll, and don’t forget the brilliant “The Girl With X-Ray Eyes” which is unforgettably beautifully composed in all aspects! However, there are songs such as  “Lock All The Doors” and “The Dying of The Light” that despite them being brilliant in terms of the lyrics and having their good moments, can however get a bit flat-sounding and not as ‘fresh’ as one would perhaps want them to be. Although there are certain flaws in this album, they are minor flaws that aren’t even that noticeable, the album has its authentically beautiful moments that completely outweigh its flaws.

Have a listen to the album which is out now (and of course on the internet as well). See for yourself if you like “The Girl With X-Ray Eyes” as much as I do and appreciate the world of colour and sadness that Noel Gallagher manages to create in this second solo album of his.


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