Album Review: Humanity Vol. I – I-Exist (10/10)

This album by the band I-Exist is the first from their Humanity album series. The album sounds pretty epic with its opening track “The Birth”, where there is a short monologue that leads us into the rest of the album. The rest of the album has ‘apocalyptically’ beautiful sounds filled with life at every moment, not to mention the vocals are on point! In the song “Giving My Life” there is an impressive fusion between heavy metal and pop rock, making this an impressive song to listen to. The chorus just has you there with its ambitious guitar riffs, beautiful soaring vocals and pounding drums. I-Exist show good fusions in their songs for sure, in their song “Our Demise” there is a great heavy metal and electronic fusion, but it is put together in a manner that makes this album appear very original from I-Exist.

The duo actually formed in Indianapolis in 2007 and ever since then they’re very well known for their creativity in their songs. This band is rather a peculiar band, they are worth a listen, in fact, their whole “Humanity” series is totally worth a listen! According to the band’s Facebook page their interest is to change “lives one day at a time”, which is a very worthwhile thing to be interested in. The duo ranges their instruments from synth to cello, guitar and even flute.

Underneath you can visit their band camp page and have a listen to this album and their other albums too.


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