Album Review: In Decay- Com Truise (4.5/10)

New York artist, Com Truise released his 3rd studio album on July 17th, 2012. This album seems ‘okay-ish’ not too impressive, however entertaining to some extent. The first few songs in the album seem somewhat catchy and colourful as they sound nostalgic to the 80s. “Dream Bender” is a good example of the good stuff that can be found in this album, it’s got a stable and well structured beat, and the synthesising is not all over the place like in “Stop”.

There are time in this album where one may feel their ears irritated by the amount of synthesising, it definitely needs to simmer down a bit. There are some good moments in every song where the synthesising is being used well, however there are moments like in “Stop” where you actually want to stop the song because it gets annoying. Songs like “Alfa Beach” painted some colour to the album, gaining itself some points, maybe it was because the synthesising wasn’t over the top in this song, and it had a good bass line making me want to swim into my speakers. Talking about swimming into speakers; I totally felt that in “Klymaxx” even though it got repetitive, hence completely losing its mood and making the experience drag on and boring.

This album basically makes you feel like you’re tripping and the world is melting in slow-motion. I suppose this is the kind of album that has its good moments and its downright bad moments. Rather than having really good songs it has good moments, so listen to the album for those good moments. I recommend this album as background music, maybe for some gathering where the music doesn’t 100% matter because everyone is already half smashed.


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