Album Review: Hateful of Hollow- The Smiths (10/10)

I never really got those Smiths vibes until I fully listened to them in their album “Hateful of Hollow”, it’s not their only amazing album of course, it was just the first one that I was able to find which had songs I had heard previously (Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, Handsome Devil and This Charming Man).

As I dug deeper into this album, each song stood for something making some kind of statement even if some of the songs could be perceived as vague. Songs like “Girl Afraid”, “What Difference Does It Make”, and “William It Was Really Nothing”. These songs are unique in their own way , Johnny Marr’s riffs are outstanding and this is one of the main things that drove me into falling in love with the Smiths primarily. Also, Morrissey’s lyrics have gained a special place in my heart in general, every song has this impressive set of lyrics that are a masterpiece. People need to know how good the Smiths are in general!
Morrissey always teaches me different lessons of life with his raw lyrics, not only in this album but in the majority of his albums and Smiths’ albums. He has this tendency of making his lyrics humorous, ironic and tragic with a slight touch of hope, and it all depends on how you’re feeling when you listen to his romantically flowing voice. It’s important to consider the actual greatness of “This Charming Man” because I find the lyrics to be so significant, touching upon the subject of homosexuality in a very non-pushy manner, which can be complicated to achieve. I really enjoy the fact that the song can be seen in more than just that light, you can look at it as a coming-of-identification song or just self-exploration (whichever suits you best). I appreciate how Morrissey describes the protagonist of the song as being a ‘charming’ man, but a charming man that is confused and lost. There is a clear story within this song and it’s beautiful with a bit of sadness instilled into it, just like reality! If anything Morrissey is a poet, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke, and Mike Joyce are those talented musicians that back up those delicate lyrics with their sound. Indeed a match made in heaven.

Below you can check out their album on a youtube playlist:


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