Ride’s Album “Going Blank Again” Is A Must-Listen! (9/10)

Recently I’ve been paying much more attention to shoegaze music  thanks to a few great tracks that I’ve been listening to by Deerhunter, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Neutral Milk Hotel. I have fallen into the arms of Ride with their album Nowhere, however when I listened to their 1992 album “Going Blank Again” I preferred that one and it was instant love from that moment on.

The album sounds much more ‘poppy’ than their debut album “Nowhere” as it is much lighter. Even “Going Blank Again” ‘s album art reveals its lightness, whereas the album art for “Nowhere” seems kind of oppressing when compared to this one. In fact, the band’s album reached number 5 on the UK Album Charts, which was a great success for the band due to the feedback they got for their last album “Nowhere”, since some critics found it a bit dark.

You can expect clean riffs, poppy riffs, distorted riffs, and melodic riffs from this album, all of the good stuff, basically. It’s shoegaze mixed with a pop element. You can see this pop element in the song “Twisterella”, where it’s a bit cheesy but still very joyous to listen to. The album ranges from being loud to very chilled, “Leave Them All Behind” is a good example of this, it’s all soothing at the beginning but then takes a different turn and goes all loud and distorted in a pleasing manner for the rest of the song. “Time Machine” is one of my favorites from this album, it truly feels like a time machine without being annoying or overrated. It’s one of those songs that sort of enlightens you, similarly to a poem, except with a few vocals and loads of instrumentals. This is one of those songs that you listen to on a ‘relaxing’ day as you lay in bed while closing your eyes and reflecting on your life. “Time Of Her Time” just gets you going, it sounds a bit like a fusion between pop and rock, it makes you feel so happy with the energetic guitar riffs and drumming. “Mouse Trap” has also made it on my top list, it’s pretty friendly with the harmonizing vocals and guitar stringing, however it is the guitar distortion that tops this song on my list of favorites, as it is incorporated exceptionally well.

You have got to admire that Ride incorporated the distorted guitar sounds considerably well in this album and they even make it radio friendly by adding more poppy and colorful elements than their first album. In some songs such as “Stampede”, “Time Machine”, and “Going Blank Again”, the guitar completely compliments the song by even romanticizing it with it’s riffs and stringing. This is a classic album that must never be forgotten, especially when admiring UK’s talented shoegaze bands of the 90s.


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