Why Is Mac DeMarco Worth A Listen?

I’m writing this basically to justify why this musician, Mac DeMarco is one of my favorites and why he should be your favorite too! This is coming from a Mac DeMarco fanatic, who just adores the guy and his music.

Mac DeMarco is widely known for his single, “Ode To Viceroy”, which is one great song that you should definitely check out. The song itself sounds melancholic, indie, and romantic at a first listen. It must be the guitar that gives it such a ‘faded’ and romantic sound, which however, I do enjoy. When taken into perspective, the lyrics of it sound romantic, despite the fact that he’s basically talking about the cigarette brand “Viceroy”. However, when we head to the riffs, the lyrics do sound slightly romantic “…don’t let me see you crying, cause ohh honey, I’ll smoke you ’till I’m dying”. This song is a great song to listen to, especially on a rainy day when you’re feeling rather melancholic. This just explains why I love this song so much, it’s relaxing and even meaningful when deeply considered.


Now, I am not going to review all his songs, only the ones I really, really dig.

“My Kind Of Woman” has gained my love for a few reasons; the song itself, the lyrics, and the music video (Mac makes such a gorgeous girl). Continuing with his ‘beachy’ (I just made that word up) guitar playing and his jizz-jazz overall music , his lyrics here seem quite deep as they portray rather accurately the feeling of falling in love. I must say that the music video is worth having a look at, I’ve seen it a few times due to the fact that it’s hilarious to see Mac dressed like a chick. Putting that aside, we see the symbolic meaning of the song in the music video, perhaps representing the view that society has on women. This can all be showed as he walks throughout the music video with his make up, meeting different people who push him into different directions, people taking off his clothes and wig, and also when he is wrapped up in a newspaper, the newspaper representing society. I have discussed this view of the music video along with the song with a few friends, and it seems like I am not the only one that sees it this way. This is something that one cannot ignore about Mac DeMarco, he’s a smart guy who humbly knows it.

When listening to Mac it feels almost as if you are comfortably numb, almost in a trance, a good trance. This is something that I personally enjoy when listening to his music, it feels like I can just let go of life and listen to his ‘almost-narcotic’ tunes. The song, “Dreaming”, feels legit like a dream when I listen to it, mainly because of the ‘magical’ fingering style that sounds so Mac DeMarco-ish. “Dreaming” gets me all hyped up about actually dreaming, it’s a wonderful song.

Mac DeMarco’s songs can be extremely sweet, and sometimes even heartwarming. “Blue Boy” is one of those songs I would listen to when I feel that the world is on my shoulder. It’s a short song that just warms my heart up in such a strange manner that is indescribable.

Mac has said in previous interviews that his songs are for people to relate towards. He said that he tries to avoid specific things in his songs. He tries to still be personal with his lyrics, but with a little bit of vagueness so that they can be portrayed in different manners. One thing I truly admire about this musician, besides his hilarious sense of humor and carefree personality is that he knows what he’s doing and he does it majestically! He says that he doesn’t want to tell people how to be through his music, he just puts his songs out there and if people can relate to them then that’s great! Mac DeMarco appears to be a very humble, honest and uniquely comedic, which is something that we don’t see too often with famous people. Keep it up Mac!

Below you will find his music video “My Kind Of Woman”.


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