Album Review: Darlia – “Knock Knock” ( 9/10)

The 3-piece grunge-like band from Blackpool (England) have definitely made a statement with their EP “Knock Knock”. Their riffs are beautifully intact with the overall ‘loudness’ of the songs, something that is remarkable when considering grunge music nowadays. Some may say that the band resembles ‘Nirvana’ with a bit of ‘Superfood’.Their music is new and therefore while compared to a few bands they are nothing but inspirations that have been used by the band to fully benefit their tunes. Having read many people’s opinions about Darlia’s music and listening to their songs from this album, I see these inspirations very clearly.

The album itself only consists of 3 songs, “Queen Of Hearts”, “Napalm” and my favorite, “Choke on Bones”. “Queen of Hearts” is pretty great, it’s grabbed some of the public’s attention in the past and it definitely has grabbed my attention. The riffs are pretty hardcore and grungy. I do have to say that while Nathan Day’s voice may be considered radio friendly, it also lends itself pretty well to the grunge influences of this song, and overall sounds like pure beauty to me when combined with the chorus of the song. The early Green Day influence is reasonably strong in “Napalm” without sounding like them. I believe that this must be mainly because of the guitar that is played throughout the song and the ‘carefree’ riffs. Finally my favorourite, “Choke On Bones”. This song somewhat has a ‘Nirvana’ element to it with the ‘staircase build up’ of the strings. Perhaps it’s this style of guitar fingering that suggests this element coming from the song  “Love Buzz” by Nirvana, without imitating them. The chorus sounds quite ‘pop’ to me, which is something that positively adds up to it’s overall ‘radio friendly’ element of the band.

Below you can have a listen for yourself and see what you think about their EP “Knock Knock”:


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