Album Review: Tame Impala- Lonerism (8/10)

Tame Impala are a very interesting bunch, their music is definitely a ‘trip’. The Australian based band’s tunes are unique yet smart, as they play the genre of psychedelic very well. Their album “Lonerism” which was released in 2012, gives off the most rad vibes ever! Kevin Parker’s vocals are very soothing to hear, they depict pleasurable vibes with rainbows and such, something very crucial to the psychedelic genre. His vocals seem to pass on by taking you on a tremendous trip through the lyrics in each song. This is somewhat what it would sound like if Radiohead and the Beatles made an album together including some Pink Floyd elements into the masterpiece. The majority of the songs on this album are very calming and wholesome to the soul, embracing the band’s experimental qualities which I appreciate very highly.They tend to surpass what your average band would do in their songs to express themselves. A lot of the songs on this album have sounds that will positively beam at you, leaving you to simply replay them again and again until you get tired of them. One song that personally stood out for me was the well acclaimed “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”. When I first heard this song it evoked a certain pleasurable roller coaster of emotions within me. This song has this Beatles feel to it but still very, very unique and refreshing to hear. The panning of the vocals here is just pure beauty, not to mention how flawless the instrumentals are. I find this song absolutely beautiful, awakening a feeling of beauty, happiness, nostalgia and freedom from deep inside. The band recreates the sound of rock’n’roll blues in the song “Elephant” with the guitar sounds, the synth and once again Kevin Parker’s psychedelic vocals. “Elephant” differs a lot from what the band is known for, as it reveals a bluesier side of Tame Impala, which is something very refreshing to hear. I would also like to personally point out how far out the song “Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control” truly is. The overall instrumental of it is breath taking, it all seems to carry on and on in a good way, making it feel as if you are swimming in an ocean of kaleidoscopes. The riffs seem to capture some kind of peace and harmony in the sound of the song. It may also be the sound fx used in the song, since at some points it muffles it, emphasizing the psychedelic feeling of diving into an ocean of kaleidoscopes happily. If you are into cool psychedelic tunes then I suggest you go listen to Tame Impala, they will not disappoint you. Each song is a little box with a huge surprise releasing galaxies of stars dancing in front of you stunningly. This album is one that I recommend for a Tame Impala interested fan to listen to first, because it is a very versatile album.

Below you will find a few songs that you might dig. They are links to their soundclound where you will find more goodies!

Tame Impala- Elephant



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