Album Review: Darlia – “Knock Knock” ( 9/10)

The 3-piece grunge-like band from Blackpool (England) have definitely made a statement with their EP “Knock Knock”. Their riffs are beautifully intact with the overall ‘loudness’ of the songs, something that is remarkable when considering grunge music nowadays. Some may say that the band resembles ‘Nirvana’ with a bit of ‘Superfood’.Their music is new and therefore while compared to a few bands they are nothing but inspirations that have been used by the band to fully benefit their tunes. Having read many people’s opinions about Darlia’s music and listening to their songs from this album, I see these inspirations very clearly.

The album itself only consists of 3 songs, “Queen Of Hearts”, “Napalm” and my favorite, “Choke on Bones”. “Queen of Hearts” is pretty great, it’s grabbed some of the public’s attention in the past and it definitely has grabbed my attention. The riffs are pretty hardcore and grungy. I do have to say that while Nathan Day’s voice may be considered radio friendly, it also lends itself pretty well to the grunge influences of this song, and overall sounds like pure beauty to me when combined with the chorus of the song. The early Green Day influence is reasonably strong in “Napalm” without sounding like them. I believe that this must be mainly because of the guitar that is played throughout the song and the ‘carefree’ riffs. Finally my favorourite, “Choke On Bones”. This song somewhat has a ‘Nirvana’ element to it with the ‘staircase build up’ of the strings. Perhaps it’s this style of guitar fingering that suggests this element coming from the song  “Love Buzz” by Nirvana, without imitating them. The chorus sounds quite ‘pop’ to me, which is something that positively adds up to it’s overall ‘radio friendly’ element of the band.

Below you can have a listen for yourself and see what you think about their EP “Knock Knock”:


Kurt Cobain’s extremely rare ‘Montage of Heck’

From what we know, Kurt Cobain was into a wide variety of music, which is always good for a musician to have. This is an extremely rare music montage that has surfaced the net not too long ago. It contains an experimental collage of sounds/music that Kurt put together in 1986, before his stardom in the 90s. He collected all of these sounds from a variety of sources such as; collections of LPs, excerpts from the radio, Nirvana demos, and a few sounds that Kurt made himself.

When you consider the time this was made (the 80s), you realize how cool and creative it was of Kurt to do something like that. Think about it this way; there was no internet, so he really had to search into his sources to find some good stuff. The way that Kurt Cobain has put this whole collage of sounds together might make you feel as if you are taking a trip to hell and coming back all inside your mind as you listen. Of course, there are some grotesque noises included into the montage (some include puking), but it strangely enough takes you deeper into that trip down to hell. I strongly believe that even though you might not find the montage too fancy or catchy, you should still listen to it in almost a a meditative manner and a complete open mind, especially if you are interested to find what hell might be like (or at least the hell in your mind). The whole experience of the montage is quite recreational and enlightening when you think about it deep enough. It’s really worth a listen.

The montage includes the following:

“The Men In My Little Girl’s Life” by Mike Douglas
“The Sounds of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel
“Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” by The Beatles
“A Day In The Life” by The Beatles
“Eruption” by Van Halen
“Hot Pants” by James Brown
“Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” by Cher
“Go Away Little Girl” by Donny Osmond
“Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver
“Everybody LOVES Somebody” by Dean Martin
“The Candy Man” by Sammy Davis, Jr.
“In A Gadda Da Vida” by Iron Butterfly
“Wild Thing” by William Shatner
“Taxman” by The Beatles
“I Think I LOVE You” by The Partridge Family
“Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?” by The Barbarians
“Queen Of The Reich” by Queensryche
“Last Caress/Green Hell” covered by Metallica
“Whole Lotta LOVE” by Led Zeppelin
“Get Down, Make Love” by Queen
“ABC” by The Jackson Five
“I Want Your Sex” by George Michael
“Run to the Hills” by Iron Maiden
“Eye Of The Chicken” by Butthole Surfers
“Dance of the Cobra” by Butthole Surfers
“The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey’s Grave” by Butthole Surfers
“New Age” by The Velvet Underground
“Love Buzz” by Shocking Blue
Orchestral MUSIC from 200 Motels by Frank Zappa
“Help I’m A Rock” / “It Can’t Happen Here” by Frank Zappa
“Call Any Vegetable” by Frank Zappa
“The Day We Fall In Love” by The Monkees
“Sweet Leaf” by Black Sabbath (intro)
Theme from The Andy Griffith Show
Mike Love (of The Beach Boys) talking about “TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION”
Excerpts of Jimi Hendrix speaking at the Monterey Pop Festival
Excerpts of Paul Stanley from KISS’ Alive!
Excerpts of Daniel Johnston screaming about Satan
Excerpts from sound effects records
Various children’s records (Curious George, Sesame Street, The Flintstones, Star Wars).

A very interesting mix of songs and sounds. Overall a very outer transitional experience .

Album Review: Tame Impala- Lonerism (8/10)

Tame Impala are a very interesting bunch, their music is definitely a ‘trip’. The Australian based band’s tunes are unique yet smart, as they play the genre of psychedelic very well. Their album “Lonerism” which was released in 2012, gives off the most rad vibes ever! Kevin Parker’s vocals are very soothing to hear, they depict pleasurable vibes with rainbows and such, something very crucial to the psychedelic genre. His vocals seem to pass on by taking you on a tremendous trip through the lyrics in each song. This is somewhat what it would sound like if Radiohead and the Beatles made an album together including some Pink Floyd elements into the masterpiece. The majority of the songs on this album are very calming and wholesome to the soul, embracing the band’s experimental qualities which I appreciate very highly.They tend to surpass what your average band would do in their songs to express themselves. A lot of the songs on this album have sounds that will positively beam at you, leaving you to simply replay them again and again until you get tired of them. One song that personally stood out for me was the well acclaimed “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”. When I first heard this song it evoked a certain pleasurable roller coaster of emotions within me. This song has this Beatles feel to it but still very, very unique and refreshing to hear. The panning of the vocals here is just pure beauty, not to mention how flawless the instrumentals are. I find this song absolutely beautiful, awakening a feeling of beauty, happiness, nostalgia and freedom from deep inside. The band recreates the sound of rock’n’roll blues in the song “Elephant” with the guitar sounds, the synth and once again Kevin Parker’s psychedelic vocals. “Elephant” differs a lot from what the band is known for, as it reveals a bluesier side of Tame Impala, which is something very refreshing to hear. I would also like to personally point out how far out the song “Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control” truly is. The overall instrumental of it is breath taking, it all seems to carry on and on in a good way, making it feel as if you are swimming in an ocean of kaleidoscopes. The riffs seem to capture some kind of peace and harmony in the sound of the song. It may also be the sound fx used in the song, since at some points it muffles it, emphasizing the psychedelic feeling of diving into an ocean of kaleidoscopes happily. If you are into cool psychedelic tunes then I suggest you go listen to Tame Impala, they will not disappoint you. Each song is a little box with a huge surprise releasing galaxies of stars dancing in front of you stunningly. This album is one that I recommend for a Tame Impala interested fan to listen to first, because it is a very versatile album.

Below you will find a few songs that you might dig. They are links to their soundclound where you will find more goodies!

Tame Impala- Elephant