Album Review: Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?

I’m a fan of Megadeth… well at least this album “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying”, oh! and “Rust in Peace”. This album “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying” proves that they aren’t afraid to show the world what they think about it, and this is a quality that many of us admire about artists. Despite the fact that the band has had unfortunate drug addictions in the past it doesn’t stop them from being just as good as their fellow “opponent”, Metallica.

“Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying” was their second LP to be made. It was released in July 20th, 1986. It is considered a thrash metal classic. David Ellefson and Dave Mustaine stated that their aim with this album was to change the view of other’s on heavy metal. This statement was proved beautifully in the song “Peace Sells”, one of my all time favorite thrash songs lyric wise. The way they take jokes, sarcasm and opinions, put them together to make an outstanding song is what makes this song so valuable. The instrumentals of it keep it authentic to its meaning, the guitar keeps a “revolutionary” almost “protesting” and “army” like feeling in the song, the drums are what remind you of an army marching, but an army that is protesting for something. “Peace Sells” sounds pretty innovative to me, mainly because of the lyrics that truly make you think even after the song’s over “Peace Sell… But Who’s Buying”. It’s only songs like these that live on through decades and people like me pick up on them and study them! (Aspiring musician’s, take note on this one).

However, (this part isn’t for the religious) “The Conjuring” is one controversial song on the album which may probably upset some. Even the lead singer, Dave Mustaine banned himself from playing that song, stating that he has now converted into being a strict Christian, he admits that “The Conjuring” is simply bad news! The song is filled with things such as black magic spells and a lot of instructions for hexes. Mustaine used to be into these things as a teenager, and therefore inserted them into this song, however, he grew to feeling scared from those dark things and this song happened to be a reminder of those days that he wanted to get rid of.

Another one of Megadeth’s best songs is on this album “Peace sells… but who’s buying”, “Wake Up Dead”. It is debatable that the song isn’t treasured highly by its lyrics, because they lack in certain depth, however, the instrumentals of the song are to die for (oh, look at that ironic pun). The riffs live up to the meaning of the song, waking up dead, the riffs make the song dwell along the lines as being gruesome, macabre and suspenseful. This is something that make Megadeth so awesome, their guitar solos, riffs and macabre themes that are so well documented instrumentally (at least that’s what I really enjoy about them).

Megadeth may not be popular with kids of my generation at least, but they kicked some ass back in their day, and they still do today I believe, they remain a classic! While this may be a controversial band to some, I strongly feel like they are one of the many greatest in heavy metal, as they document a certain violence and darkness very well through their songs.The kind of “violence” that they document through their guitar solos, riffs and lyrics is the kind that this world needs, not the other kind that ends up all the time on the front pages of our new papers in the morning. I’m not going to stereotype this kick-ass band into the “only-violent” zone though, because bands like these can surprise you. People who don’t know much about heavy metal and don’t fully enjoy it when they listen to bands such as Megadeth may instantly think that all heavy metal is about violence. It might come to your surprise that some heavy metal is inspired by classical music, and that some songs by any heavy metal band (at least from the bands I’ve heard of and know) may speak of the opposite of violence, peace, and they’re so true in their nature that we should have our politicians listening to them instead!


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