What is Grunge?

Around the late 80’s- early 90’s the music industry started developing a new genre, which was Grunge. This genre became a way of life for some, as the fashion of it soon started to hit the catwalks, and everyone thought it was cool to be all grungy with their ripped jeans, chokes, plaided skirts and band shirts. Grunge (the music genre) traditionally consists of lazy vocals, heavy drumming and strong riffs. It is said that grunge draws heavily on punk, however, this is not the case for bands like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam or Soundgarden. These bands demonstrate a more soothing sound which is more on the side of classical rock and sometimes with a tiny influence of country along with an alternative slap to it. We could argue whether that is more grunge than Nirvana or Mudhoney’s angst-filled punk-rock alternative music. In fact, most people say that Mudhoney are the kings of grunge, some would disagree. Grunge, like any other music genre, originated from the underground, specifically from the undergrounds of Seattle. It’s tough to state which band was the very first to come on to this scene but I would probably say Mudhoney or Green River were one of the first to do so. Grunge isn’t for everybody, it is a genre that would not end up on your nation’s top charts, however, to some people in the 90’s (especially teenagers) grunge was a major part of their lifestyle! As soon as grunge became commercialized everyone became unhappy because it was THEIRS. Of course, not many people liked it at all at the time the industry was commercializing it by putting it on their radio stations, so grunge was short lived. It’s a sad story, but there’s plenty of people still out there that are absolute fanatics of it. I’m one of those that fancy it as well! There’s no denying that there are artists out there to this day that have a grungy influence in their music. You may have heard that grunge is “dead”, but I believe that is impossible, because we still carry it in our hearts. Believe it or not grunge WAS important, even if it didn’t appeal to the public entirely. It has still been crucial to the teenage culture in this world, at least to those in the 90s.


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