Jake Bugg In The Scene!

I guess the name keeps spreading and spreading as time goes by, this kid is making quite the noise (good kind of noise).

With those beautiful chords that he strums with his guitar and his older-sounding strikingly gorgeous vocals, Jake Bugg is able to take breaths away, at least he took mine away when I first gave his self-titled debut album a listen. ‘Lightning Bold’ was one of those songs that I wasn’t completely charmed with. I felt like it was too noisy and lacked a bit of depth, however, commercially it was just about right. When I listened to his successful hit “Two Fingers” he had me, I was already a fan from that song. The song is very chilled carrying on with his echoing vocals that are very folk-sounding, the bass is very in sync with the drums which sounds perfect. The riff parts of the song make it a classical when leading to the chorus, let’s just say this is when the riffs are guiding you to the RIGHT part of the song and CORRECTLY. His lyrics were quite confusing at the beginning, it took me a day for me to reflect and really understand them, I couldn’t stop thinking about the song. “I drink to remember, I smoke to forget, some things to be proud of, some stuff to regret”. You WILL not regret ANYTHING once you head straight to the chorus, you’ll be hooked on it, I think it must be the light strums of the guitar combined with the light-lazy drum pounding that get you hooked. In my opinion it has a small indie vibe which I think is very organic for a musician to do, especially at such a young age. Jake is in his late teens at the moment and doing great with his career.


I’ve been a fan for almost a year now, his music just keeps developing and blooming into something that I’m sure will go down to history. When you listen to Jake Bugg you might think of Bob Dylan or a bit of Liam Gallagher (they’ve done some collaboration jobs together so I guess you could say Liam’s one of Jake’s influences). However, getting compared to Bob Dylan must make you the REAL deal because Bob Dylan is very well known for being that musician that helped set the basis of music, he has influenced a load of musicians throughout time. Jake Bugg’s songs have a country vibe despite that he is british unlike Bob Dylan who is American. I hate comparing musicians though, because I believe that a musician can do uniquely good. Always remember, unique is good! EXPERIMENT!

Some of Jake’s new stuff is really great, ‘Falling’ is a beautiful song. Just hear his vocals roar through the chorus, it’s honestly one of the most beautiful things this artist can achieve through his music to please our eardrums. Watch out for this young artist, he’s just really perfect if you want to get that folk rock sound similar to Bob Dylan but more updated.


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