Lou Reed from Velvet Underground passes at the age of 71

I got the news yesterday night from the Rolling Stone website that the legendary Lou Reed from the revolutionary band Velvet Underground has died at the age of 71. Lou’s death has not yet been confirmed, however he did undergo a liver transplant earlier this year and he openly admitted that in the past he has taken drugs and abused alcohol.

Many mainstream audiences recognize him for his hit single “Walk On The Wild Side” and “Perfect Day”. Lou Reed has left behind a huge legacy mostly with being one of the founding members of the successful band Velvet Underground that started in 1964 and broke up in 1996.


Velvet Underground were a very interesting band with some really intriguing songs that have never EVER failed to fascinate me. One of their most capturing and successful songs was “Venus in Furs” there’s a slight exotic feel to it as well as the edgy Asian vibe to this song, this is what makes it so different from any other rock song that has gone down to history. Also another one of my personal favorites is “Sunday Morning” it’s got a very charming, chripy and celestial feel to it with the xylophone that is constantly heard along with Lou’s soft and sweet vocals. ┬áThis song was surely creative since it wasn’t very common at the time that rock bands used xylophones in their songs (and it still isn’t much of a big thing). Velvet Underground are acknowledged for being those who contributed in the whole punk- artistic movement in the 60’s along with Andy Warhol who is the one responsible for their cover of their album ‘Banana’. Sadly, not many people are aware of this, therefore Velvet Underground were never really that famous.

I would like to finish this post by talking about one of my favorite Lou Reed songs; “Perfect Day”. I guess the lyrics are meant to sound happy but his voice sounds painful (in a good way) almost as if he is hurt, and the piano in the song is very elegant and simple, both of these elements in the song contribute to being able to imply a sad feel to it. Isn’t it amazing? Being able to change the mood of someone through a song. Lou Reed was one of those talented artists who was able to get that emotion through his songs. His lyrics were beautiful and simple, his songs were never really that complicated, always easy to sync into anyone’s emotions. I’m gonna finish this by sharing a moment of silence for Lou Reed and listen to this song, because I hope he HAS a ‘perfect day’ in heaven with the rest of those other legendary artists that have passed away throughout the years. Heaven must sound quite promising with all these talented musicians living up there.

RIP Lou Reed.



Song Review: Sunshine Of Your Love- Cream

It’s been a while since the last time I have posted anything, I do feel horrible for that. I have been so busy with so much school work (Sophomore year reeks). Since I was listening to this song and I quite liked it I thought… “well why not share it with the net?”.

I wouldn’t consider myself a complete Cream obsessed genius, I wish I was, because I appreciate their music just as much as The Who. “Sunshine Of Your Love” is probably one of their most popular songs and even if you say you’ve never heard of this band once you listen to the constant riffs that continue on through the song I bet you that you’ve probably heard it somewhere before. The chords are simple and easy, not much to it… (I can’t play an instrument, but they surely do sound easy)

It was defiantly one of the most remarkable songs that the 60’s have to offer us. Funny enough, the riff that runs through the song was written by Jack Bruce right after attending The Jimi Hendrix Experience concert in London. This is why I guess when listening back on this song we can actually hear the influence that Jimi Hendrix had on this song through the guitar riffs. With┬áthe quite sensual chords.

The lyrics are really poetic as we can see “It’s getting near dawn, when lights close the tired eyes. I’ll soon be with you my love.” The song lyrics were created during a ‘creative session’ with Jack and Pete and as we can see this session really benefited them as the song soon became a huge success shortly after it was released in 1968 and became Cream’s gold-selling single in the U.S.A. The song had ranked up to number 5 in the U.S billboard charts in the year 1968.

Cream are one of the most legendary bands from the U.K along with The Beatles and The Who and this song just shot them to even more fame. No wonder they were so successful with Eric Clapton as their guitarist, pretty prestigious I must say.