Song Review: Iron Maiden- Fear of The Dark

Iron Maiden are considered one of the most respected heavy metal bands in rock history! I deeply respect them as well as Judas Priest and Metallica. The ambiences Iron Maiden are able to give off in their songs are just the perfect combination of darkness and catchy enough for you to head bang to. Rooting back to the time when I discovered this amazing band, I was about 14 years old (a year ago) and I remember feeling scared when I heard it even though I was barely listening to the words just the guitar riffs and how the vocals screamed in such a perfect tone. I was so scared; I felt fear of the dark. All I could picture were Eddie’s eyes staring down at me as if he was going to devour me.  Then again, I was still innocent to this whole heavy metal thing, unlike now I’m a whiz at it. This song helps me so much now a days when I listen to other songs that are heavy metal, because usually in heavy metal if you want it to be real heavy you also want to include the dark atmosphere and this song is a classic so I always compare it to other heavy metal songs that are meant to be dark. It’s a really good reference.


I admire the beginning of the song so much; It’s just these guitar riffs that signify that it’s story time and that this story is a horror story. Then the way the romantic guitar goes; leading you to the light vocals that sound a bit like whispers. Suddenly you don’t realize but everything just goes BAM for me and the guitar solo proceeds! I get super excited at this part of the song because it pumps up everything in your body it’s like you’ve suddenly been born again! The vocals scream louder and you realize he has a fear of the dark and has a phobia that someone’s always there! Yet what really amuses me about the vocals in this song which I will admire for as long as I live is that they don’t sound bad when they’re high pitched, now a days we have the genre “screamo” which I detest so badly because I simply cannot understand anything they “sing”. This isn’t like this though. The guitar solos are sick in this song though! God! We head to the bridge part of the song and it is just utter sexiness in the guitar riffs! The way the riffs rush through the song you feel the whole horror story vibe especially with Eddie’s picture in the album cover! It all fits in so lovely!



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