Song Review: Dead In Your Head- Bleached

I found this really cool app where I can listen to any song I like as long as I’ve got internet! (God bless the internet) So I’m pretty much in heaven right now with this app. I was looking through the indie section and I found this really interesting band called “Bleached”, and so I started listening to their album “Ride Your Heart”.

Allow me to tell you how in love with this album I am right now! As I am writing this article I am listening to this album over and over again. It’s just that I can’t get over their style it makes me feel so good inside. They’re a garage punk rock band with harmonies included in a bunch of their songs. They remind me of a polished and much better version of “The Fastbacks”. This duo are doing everything right when it comes to punk rock garage, they sound a bit like the Ramones combined with Bikini Kill. They have this “riot grrrl” feel to their songs (for those who don’t know what that term means it’s basically a term made famous in the late 70s when female punk rockstars weren’t getting as much credit as male punk rockstars because men felt like rock music just wasn’t  them).

I was listening to their song “Next Stop” and I basically just fell for it all! The guitar riffs are perfect, playful just how I love them. Really just reviving the late 70s early 80s, 90’s-ish punk rock/grunge scene. Moving on to the harmony of the song it’s so unexplainable, they sound so innocent and it kind of just plays with your mind of how innocent they sound. Then again you got these crazy drums pounding like you just want to kick everything outta your way and dance to them. The guitar riffs have a classical Ramones feel to it which I love how they took it and made it their own! There’s not that many lyrics (I know I’m always picky on the lyrics) but the way the song is made, it’s so raw, catchy. I love it! I say that if you love rebellion, controversy, punk rock, grunge, garage music and some KICK ASS GIRL POWER; You should really check this song and their whole album out!!!!



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