Watch Out For: Swim Deep

Honestly one of my favorite bands ever since I read about them in Rolling Stone. There was this small segment where they were talking about their new song “King City” so I ended up checking the song out and I do have to say it is quiet a good listen, the bass line is flawless and simple. I love the way they use an organ in the song (or something similar to an organ) I haven’t heard an organ being used with drums and bass in a very long time! It’s a really creative idea. I must say the song is not too complicated itself, very normal and simple. A bunch of critics have said that this is their best song but for me I have got to say it’s probably their most commercial song. I can’t say it’s obviously commercial because it’s got some depth in the content of it unlike a lot of commercial songs now a days.

They recently released their debut album on July 29th “Where The Heaven Are We?” with their single “She Changes The Weather” which is an absolutely hands-down potential song! This is why you have got to look out for these lads! It’s got a psychedelic feel to it but richer than that and then the words are just as gorgeous. The only thing that makes me feel sad is the fact that Swim Deep are extremely underrated at the moment and I feel like they should get more recognition outside of the Birmingham indie scene.


Swim Deep are slightly bringing back 90’s music and reviving them to a fresh state, modernizing them. With their song “Crush” when you think the song is over you’re back for another surprise because then you get this simple guitar solo and it just blows it and the whole meaning of the song! You have to check it out! I honestly fancied the lyrics just as much as the instruments this time because it’s kinda those lyrics that aren’t super direct which I think is what lyrics should be like, just like a poem. Their song “Honey” I always loved the line “Don’t just dream in your sleep it’s just lazy”. Well isn’t that lovely?  The way the song kicks off after the small shy intro really gives you an energy burst when you listen to it. I also adore the line “So I said ooo ooo baby, take your feet out your shoes and go crazy” . Those lyrics weren’t direct either but depending on the type of person you are you’ll perceive them a distinctive way than others would, just a sign of individualism.

These are just a few songs from their already released album “Where The Heaven Are We?”, this dreamy indie rock band are just getting their careers started but one piece of advice I would give them would be; “Don’t change, just grow with what you’ve already got”. I suggest you go and buy their album like now because all these songs are totally lush! Catch them before everybody else does!


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