Why Indie?

I consider Indie my favorite genre of all (If I had to pick one). I guess Indie is just that type of music genre that is meant to be underrated by people and it’s only up for those that really love music to search deep inside and find Indie!

Indie is such a creative genre, full of creative thoughts! It can be chilled, rock’n’roll-ish, post-punk or grunge. You can use string instruments if you like and experiment in that area of music. Indie really helps you find yourself, and I believe a lot of teenagers should at least be aware of that. When I first started listening to Indie music I instantly fell in love with the self-produced artists and their outspoken yet settle ways through their music. In short; they weren’t afraid of going for something a bit edgier or perhaps just change their appearance to something crazier. When you’re an Indie artist or in an Indie band; there is some sort of independence you have for yourself, and that in a way is what I actually admire about any artist or band. The rawness that they offer, it makes them build a closer relationship with fans as to say, “Hey we’re humans just like you!”. Unlike a lot of artists now a days that are rich, flawless and aren’t really allowed to show their flaws towards their public in fear of maybe losing their prestigious reputation. This is not the case with Indie artists at all!

The band that really got a grip of me in the first place was “Peace” because they sounded so different compared to a lot of stuff I listen to, especially with their song “Drain” it was a mix of a few things without being too much. Very simplistic. Then I just fell for “California Daze” because it was really beautiful, a bit of a Beach Boys vibe in it reminding you of California itself. “Follow Baby” was a winner, a bit edgy, 90s sounding but modern. It had a mix of things, just unexplainable. I do find a lot of Indie songs unexplainable, it’s all about being quiet and listening to the song rather than discussing it. All these aritsts manage make it experimental, fun, different but they never really change their personal style. I find that extremely unique and exciting! “The Vaccines” are also one of those Indie bands that made me fall in love with the genre they were a bit more post-punk than “Peace” would be. I’ll save my words, if you’re interested in this band check the article below! However, I still want to point one of my favorite songs from “The Vaccines” and it’s got to be “Bad Mood” because it’s got this grunge and punk feel to it. Whenever I listen to this song I just want to rebel against the system (even though I’d rather not!). The guitar solos and riffs capture all the hype that I feel when listening to this song!

Of course, I would like to end this article (or entry, but I much rather prefer naming it an article instead) by talking about my favorite Indie rock band at the moment. “Swim Deep” they’re quiet new to the whole scene, they’ve been together since 2011. They look pretty good as well, also a bit interesting. Each time I see them they got a different haircut or hair color. Their songs are great!  Their song “Honey” is slightly poppy with an Indie- feel- good- vibe that I absolutely adore about this band! The music video is so creative and colourful. Again, their haircuts just capture it and their style, it creates a presence for them as a band, kind of like they’re just not afraid to try something new! Got to love it when a band takes these types of risks. The whole idea of painting on the wall and over their guitars makes you feel good inside when you watch it. You just think to yourself “Hey look at those kids having fun!”. Nirvana is one of their influences and as we may see Higgy wearing a Nirvana shirt in the music video “King City” which is the song that made me really fall in love with these lads. The Bass line for this one is pure perfection! Keeping it dark and catchy! Austin Williams keeps his vocals really simple and calm, easy to listen to. The chorus has the “oooo, oooo, oooo” which makes it all so human-like and hearty. The chorus is what I really look forward to! Especially in the music video (which by the way Zachary Robinson is dead drop gorgeous in it). By the ending of the song we hear a slightly different guitar style or it might be a keyboard not too sure about it, but what I really love about that section of the song is that it’s going a bit off track from what the song is sounding like but not too off track that the listener will feel distracted from what the song is meant to sound like. It also gives it that “fairy-dust” like effect. Really magical!

Under here check out Swim Deep’s music videos which I absolutley LOVE! You’ve got to see them and hear them! You won’t regret it at all!

Swim Deep- Honey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P49qiSnA_nw

Swim Deep- King City: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATxs0N_DFTw


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