Song Review: The Vaccines- Do You Want a Man+ Melody Calling

Surprisingly enough it was about a week ago when I discovered this stunning british indie- rock band called “The Vaccines”, and I instantly just fell for their music. I heard their new LP has just been released “Melody Calling”. With this band you either love ’em or you just hate ’em.


So I’m not going to go into a full analyses of their entire LP ’cause I myself still need to listen to the entire thing as well, but so far from what I’ve heard it sounds exciting and promising. Just a small fact about this release; the band have supported the Rolling Stones this summer and performed this new LP throughout that time. The Vaccines are trying to stir into a different direction this time and do less post -punk and get more into a soothing, groovy and upbeat sound. Now, this experiment has caused a bit of a stir up between some fans. I strongly believe this new sound maybe be a bit risky but the Vaccines should totally go for it! I feel like the more they develop into it and find themselves in it the better their songs will be.

The song “Melody Calling” has been a start to it and it also upset some of their fans but created some new fans, like me! I guess I would say it’s not too great of a song but it’s all about the vibes that the song creates. The creativity in the words is a bit dull because it gets a bit repetitive at some point. The light indie guitar sounds and vibrant bass whispers that the song takes on are the perfect combination for a ‘summer romance’ vibe. I believe they could have been a bit more creative with the song and taken it to a further step because I feel like it’s a bit unfinished. Then when the song finishes you just feel unsatisfied and confused because you were expecting something with a bit of a build up, then a peaking point and then perhaps a falling point , the song lacked in these ‘points’ that I’m talking about.

Yet, when I listened to “Do You Want a Man” it’s what I was expecting from this light indie- rock summer release. It’s got a bit of a 60’s summer vibe with the guitar, and the guitar licks are stupendous, giving off a slight punk-ish sound that you probably wanted to dig up from this album too. I just wish they didn’t repeat that much with their lyrics, I mean I can still like the song but I won’t be in love with it knowing that there’s a bit of a repeat on “do you want a man, do you want a man“. Again, it’s just a small problem but sometimes I wish artists could notice that they’re repeating their chorus too much that their chorus is becoming their song! Not really that much of a big deal with this song but kind of a bigger deal with “Melody Calling”. However, thumbs up for “Melody Calling” ‘s music video, you should really look it up on youtube! It’s very summer- like, colorful, romantic and cute! I guess all that creativity that lacked in the lyrics was invested in the making of the music video.


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