New Release: Black Sabbath’s album “13”

I may be a tad too late to celebrate this great new release by the legendary british heavy metal band, but it’s better than not celebrating it. It’s their first album after 35 years… and guess what? It was a hit! They killed it with that album, probably the best comeback of the year. Ozzy Osbourne was just as shocked as we were to hear that they opened at No. 1 in June. Other elder rock bands have made their comebacks too but with not such exciting albums like Black Sabbath’s.

This album takes us back to their days of monstrous and hellish guitar riffs and doomsy drums. Basically, where they started, and here we are 45 years into their careers making this great hit album. Now, age is no excuse for anybody, Black Sabbath have just proved that to us. Their sound has been kept and preserved so well to create this success.

Besides all that, we do get a splendid taste of the bass in this album keeping it super authentic to the hellish heavy metal theme that Black Sabbath are idolized for. The youth of today should really learn from their elders because this band have set the bar, now kids need to follow their footsteps!

Not only the music was at its finest, but also their album artwork was stupendous! A win! Keeping it real with the number 13 burning under those gloomy skies, real dark, real Black Sabbath- material.


Moving on to their successful single from this album, “God is Dead”. Sounding slightly controversial by the title of it but truly done with a good intention by their lyricist and bassist Geezer Butler, and partly including Ozzy Osbourne as well. The idea originated when Ozzy Osbourne saw in a magazine the words “God is dead” and then he just thought that maybe that could be appropriate, because of all those Religious wars that tend to occur in the name of God. Thus the reason the song was written in that deep and dark manner. Although I do consider it in some other way an extremely ravishing poem. When I first saw the lyrics it was just true love at first sight, because each sentence was put together so delicately. Then the guitar riffs just captured the perfect “doomsday, what am I gonna do now?!” image that the song really entitled to give out. I wouldn’t exactly consider this song something to get “pumped up” to because of the message it’s giving out. I believe Black Sabbath wanted the instrumentals to really go in sync with the meaning of the words as well. A few bands have made this mistake where they create a deep song, with deep words and then turn it into some little “fiesta” party in there. Obviously if you’re going to make a song about God and him being dead and the main character in the song losing faith in god, it’s got to be dramatic but it also needs to sound melancholic and discreet. This is so that the listener understands that the fact of God being dead isn’t too good upon us.


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