Song Review: Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix always kept his songs in a slow, sensual tempo which applies to “Foxy Lady”.

All his songs always put me in some sort of daze, like “Purple Haze” which is also at a similar tempo at the beginning to “Foxy Lady” except it’s just a bit faster that “Foxy Lady”. This ability to be able to put your listeners into a daze while listening to your music is a great quality to consider in a song, because most people just listen to music to get away from the reality that they live in, without any drugs, just the music (which is a healthier alternative). His guitar playing skills which was what actually made his songs sound so sensual were so perfect. Jimi is the king when it comes to playing the guitar. Especially at the time psychedelic was a big trend, precisely throughout hippies. The ability to get up, up and away into a daze with a song was something people aimed for (most of the time drugs included but I believe that it’s better to listen to music with a clear mindset and no toxic stuff in your body).

Jimi Hendrix’s raspy African-American voice really does complete the song. The feedback you hear from the amp is also delicious, because it creates its own intro into the song and show’s you that this is the great Jimi Hendrix. Throughout the chorus you’ll notice that when he says “Foxy Lady” in the background you’ll hear somewhere around that part whispers echoing what he said, again, creating the sensual feeling that this song needs. I think it’s great when artists remain authentic to the title of their songs. This makes their songs creative, if it’s about a foxy lady then perhaps it’s got to be sensual, because referring to a female as ‘foxy’ is a bit of a sexual term itself, so I guess the whispers, the guitar tempo all together with Jimi Hendrix’s vocals create this sort of atmosphere that one needs to make their music real.


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