The Sounds of Nirvana + Pennyroyal Tea

The band Nirvana (not the religious term even though for Kurt that’s what inspired him with the band name) is probably one of the best grunge bands to ever exist! We all know about them, even if it’s just through their successful single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which was basically the voice of a generation in the 90s.
Nirvana IS the 90s, the way they explored with different sounds in their songs adding up to Kurt Cobain’s unique vocals which can go from beautiful to raw.
The band is made up of; Dave Grohl who is on the drums, moving on to our very, very tall Krist Novosellic on the bass, I guess it really does take a big man to play the bass. Pat Smear on the guitar, not many people actually notice him but he’s fairly good at what he does as well, lots of experience with different bands. Last but not least; Kurt Cobain, one of my favorite musicians of all times! He played the guitar, sang and was the man behind those carefully crafted poetic songs. Sometimes you might find the need to read his lyrics twice because they’re so deep at times! His words really dug a place inside your heart.

The fusion they built with Kurt’s vocals, the loud yet catchy drums, combined with the sloppy chords that were being played along with the supporting bass. It’s not wonder Nirvana were a bit of a new wave band.
Their sound was indescribable, a bit of rebellion in there too. Nirvana showed their listeners that music didn’t have to be perfect it just had to be straight from the soul! That to me is what MUSIC is, not the stupid commercial stuff that we have to put up with now a-days.
Moving on to the lyrics which is what really can move me if the music is right which Nirvana did superb job of doing that since they were able to build a very intense atmosphere for their listeners.
Just a while ago I was listening to their song Pennyroyal Tea; REALLY GORGEOUS. This song talks a lot about Kurt’s stomach problems and how bad they are for him. It’s just stunning how he put that song together and made you feel slightly melancholic towards it. Especially the ending part where it all just ends and how the guitar string goes, listen to it! It sounds a bit “tragical” to me which I believe is a perfect way to end a song like that. It’s very simple so you’ll need to listen closely, and feel it too.

You really have to check it out for yourself and tell me what you think about Nirvana and their song Pennyroyal Tea. I Really recommend it to you if you’re feeling a bit melancholic today, Nirvana is great for that type of stuff.


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