Why Indie?

I consider Indie my favorite genre of all (If I had to pick one). I guess Indie is just that type of music genre that is meant to be underrated by people and it’s only up for those that really love music to search deep inside and find Indie!

Indie is such a creative genre, full of creative thoughts! It can be chilled, rock’n’roll-ish, post-punk or grunge. You can use string instruments if you like and experiment in that area of music. Indie really helps you find yourself, and I believe a lot of teenagers should at least be aware of that. When I first started listening to Indie music I instantly fell in love with the self-produced artists and their outspoken yet settle ways through their music. In short; they weren’t afraid of going for something a bit edgier or perhaps just change their appearance to something crazier. When you’re an Indie artist or in an Indie band; there is some sort of independence you have for yourself, and that in a way is what I actually admire about any artist or band. The rawness that they offer, it makes them build a closer relationship with fans as to say, “Hey we’re humans just like you!”. Unlike a lot of artists now a days that are rich, flawless and aren’t really allowed to show their flaws towards their public in fear of maybe losing their prestigious reputation. This is not the case with Indie artists at all!

The band that really got a grip of me in the first place was “Peace” because they sounded so different compared to a lot of stuff I listen to, especially with their song “Drain” it was a mix of a few things without being too much. Very simplistic. Then I just fell for “California Daze” because it was really beautiful, a bit of a Beach Boys vibe in it reminding you of California itself. “Follow Baby” was a winner, a bit edgy, 90s sounding but modern. It had a mix of things, just unexplainable. I do find a lot of Indie songs unexplainable, it’s all about being quiet and listening to the song rather than discussing it. All these aritsts manage make it experimental, fun, different but they never really change their personal style. I find that extremely unique and exciting! “The Vaccines” are also one of those Indie bands that made me fall in love with the genre they were a bit more post-punk than “Peace” would be. I’ll save my words, if you’re interested in this band check the article below! However, I still want to point one of my favorite songs from “The Vaccines” and it’s got to be “Bad Mood” because it’s got this grunge and punk feel to it. Whenever I listen to this song I just want to rebel against the system (even though I’d rather not!). The guitar solos and riffs capture all the hype that I feel when listening to this song!

Of course, I would like to end this article (or entry, but I much rather prefer naming it an article instead) by talking about my favorite Indie rock band at the moment. “Swim Deep” they’re quiet new to the whole scene, they’ve been together since 2011. They look pretty good as well, also a bit interesting. Each time I see them they got a different haircut or hair color. Their songs are great!  Their song “Honey” is slightly poppy with an Indie- feel- good- vibe that I absolutely adore about this band! The music video is so creative and colourful. Again, their haircuts just capture it and their style, it creates a presence for them as a band, kind of like they’re just not afraid to try something new! Got to love it when a band takes these types of risks. The whole idea of painting on the wall and over their guitars makes you feel good inside when you watch it. You just think to yourself “Hey look at those kids having fun!”. Nirvana is one of their influences and as we may see Higgy wearing a Nirvana shirt in the music video “King City” which is the song that made me really fall in love with these lads. The Bass line for this one is pure perfection! Keeping it dark and catchy! Austin Williams keeps his vocals really simple and calm, easy to listen to. The chorus has the “oooo, oooo, oooo” which makes it all so human-like and hearty. The chorus is what I really look forward to! Especially in the music video (which by the way Zachary Robinson is dead drop gorgeous in it). By the ending of the song we hear a slightly different guitar style or it might be a keyboard not too sure about it, but what I really love about that section of the song is that it’s going a bit off track from what the song is sounding like but not too off track that the listener will feel distracted from what the song is meant to sound like. It also gives it that “fairy-dust” like effect. Really magical!

Under here check out Swim Deep’s music videos which I absolutley LOVE! You’ve got to see them and hear them! You won’t regret it at all!

Swim Deep- Honey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P49qiSnA_nw

Swim Deep- King City: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATxs0N_DFTw


Song Review: The Vaccines- Do You Want a Man+ Melody Calling

Surprisingly enough it was about a week ago when I discovered this stunning british indie- rock band called “The Vaccines”, and I instantly just fell for their music. I heard their new LP has just been released “Melody Calling”. With this band you either love ’em or you just hate ’em.


So I’m not going to go into a full analyses of their entire LP ’cause I myself still need to listen to the entire thing as well, but so far from what I’ve heard it sounds exciting and promising. Just a small fact about this release; the band have supported the Rolling Stones this summer and performed this new LP throughout that time. The Vaccines are trying to stir into a different direction this time and do less post -punk and get more into a soothing, groovy and upbeat sound. Now, this experiment has caused a bit of a stir up between some fans. I strongly believe this new sound maybe be a bit risky but the Vaccines should totally go for it! I feel like the more they develop into it and find themselves in it the better their songs will be.

The song “Melody Calling” has been a start to it and it also upset some of their fans but created some new fans, like me! I guess I would say it’s not too great of a song but it’s all about the vibes that the song creates. The creativity in the words is a bit dull because it gets a bit repetitive at some point. The light indie guitar sounds and vibrant bass whispers that the song takes on are the perfect combination for a ‘summer romance’ vibe. I believe they could have been a bit more creative with the song and taken it to a further step because I feel like it’s a bit unfinished. Then when the song finishes you just feel unsatisfied and confused because you were expecting something with a bit of a build up, then a peaking point and then perhaps a falling point , the song lacked in these ‘points’ that I’m talking about.

Yet, when I listened to “Do You Want a Man” it’s what I was expecting from this light indie- rock summer release. It’s got a bit of a 60’s summer vibe with the guitar, and the guitar licks are stupendous, giving off a slight punk-ish sound that you probably wanted to dig up from this album too. I just wish they didn’t repeat that much with their lyrics, I mean I can still like the song but I won’t be in love with it knowing that there’s a bit of a repeat on “do you want a man, do you want a man“. Again, it’s just a small problem but sometimes I wish artists could notice that they’re repeating their chorus too much that their chorus is becoming their song! Not really that much of a big deal with this song but kind of a bigger deal with “Melody Calling”. However, thumbs up for “Melody Calling” ‘s music video, you should really look it up on youtube! It’s very summer- like, colorful, romantic and cute! I guess all that creativity that lacked in the lyrics was invested in the making of the music video.

New Release: Black Sabbath’s album “13”

I may be a tad too late to celebrate this great new release by the legendary british heavy metal band, but it’s better than not celebrating it. It’s their first album after 35 years… and guess what? It was a hit! They killed it with that album, probably the best comeback of the year. Ozzy Osbourne was just as shocked as we were to hear that they opened at No. 1 in June. Other elder rock bands have made their comebacks too but with not such exciting albums like Black Sabbath’s.

This album takes us back to their days of monstrous and hellish guitar riffs and doomsy drums. Basically, where they started, and here we are 45 years into their careers making this great hit album. Now, age is no excuse for anybody, Black Sabbath have just proved that to us. Their sound has been kept and preserved so well to create this success.

Besides all that, we do get a splendid taste of the bass in this album keeping it super authentic to the hellish heavy metal theme that Black Sabbath are idolized for. The youth of today should really learn from their elders because this band have set the bar, now kids need to follow their footsteps!

Not only the music was at its finest, but also their album artwork was stupendous! A win! Keeping it real with the number 13 burning under those gloomy skies, real dark, real Black Sabbath- material.


Moving on to their successful single from this album, “God is Dead”. Sounding slightly controversial by the title of it but truly done with a good intention by their lyricist and bassist Geezer Butler, and partly including Ozzy Osbourne as well. The idea originated when Ozzy Osbourne saw in a magazine the words “God is dead” and then he just thought that maybe that could be appropriate, because of all those Religious wars that tend to occur in the name of God. Thus the reason the song was written in that deep and dark manner. Although I do consider it in some other way an extremely ravishing poem. When I first saw the lyrics it was just true love at first sight, because each sentence was put together so delicately. Then the guitar riffs just captured the perfect “doomsday, what am I gonna do now?!” image that the song really entitled to give out. I wouldn’t exactly consider this song something to get “pumped up” to because of the message it’s giving out. I believe Black Sabbath wanted the instrumentals to really go in sync with the meaning of the words as well. A few bands have made this mistake where they create a deep song, with deep words and then turn it into some little “fiesta” party in there. Obviously if you’re going to make a song about God and him being dead and the main character in the song losing faith in god, it’s got to be dramatic but it also needs to sound melancholic and discreet. This is so that the listener understands that the fact of God being dead isn’t too good upon us.

Song Review: Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix always kept his songs in a slow, sensual tempo which applies to “Foxy Lady”.

All his songs always put me in some sort of daze, like “Purple Haze” which is also at a similar tempo at the beginning to “Foxy Lady” except it’s just a bit faster that “Foxy Lady”. This ability to be able to put your listeners into a daze while listening to your music is a great quality to consider in a song, because most people just listen to music to get away from the reality that they live in, without any drugs, just the music (which is a healthier alternative). His guitar playing skills which was what actually made his songs sound so sensual were so perfect. Jimi is the king when it comes to playing the guitar. Especially at the time psychedelic was a big trend, precisely throughout hippies. The ability to get up, up and away into a daze with a song was something people aimed for (most of the time drugs included but I believe that it’s better to listen to music with a clear mindset and no toxic stuff in your body).

Jimi Hendrix’s raspy African-American voice really does complete the song. The feedback you hear from the amp is also delicious, because it creates its own intro into the song and show’s you that this is the great Jimi Hendrix. Throughout the chorus you’ll notice that when he says “Foxy Lady” in the background you’ll hear somewhere around that part whispers echoing what he said, again, creating the sensual feeling that this song needs. I think it’s great when artists remain authentic to the title of their songs. This makes their songs creative, if it’s about a foxy lady then perhaps it’s got to be sensual, because referring to a female as ‘foxy’ is a bit of a sexual term itself, so I guess the whispers, the guitar tempo all together with Jimi Hendrix’s vocals create this sort of atmosphere that one needs to make their music real.

Rolling With The Ramones!

Oftenly when I  speak about the Ramones with friends we tend to drift off talking about skateboarding,  I never understood why this is and why skateboarders would actually like the Ramones. Silly me, once I actually thought about it and listened to more of their songs I actually felt this ‘skateboarding vibe’. I guess it must be the on-going ‘rolling’ guitar chords that are being played, topped off with Joey Ramone’s lazy yet perfect vocals, sprinkled with simplistic drumming. You really do get the skateboarding vibe, not only that but each of their songs make you feel rejuvenated inside which is brilliant. Their song “Commando” just shows what I’m talking about.

The Ramones are said to be one of the first punk rock bands to emerge into the mid- 70s scene and cause quiet a sensation for the rebellious youth. The type of punk that the Ramones do is the type that I prefer the most, since I understand what their songs say and I can actually hear a melody within them. Of course punk is about rebellion and rebellion comes with picking out political ideas and giving out your own opinion through your songs, not only politics, it could also just be about any subject that you disagree with, thus giving punk the recognition or freedom. The Ramones did touch up on this subject with their song “The KKK Took My Baby Away”, obviously speaking about the infamous KKK. This is a short, snappy and catchy way of informing the listeners of just how bad the KKK were and how they “Took my baby away”. This song is easy to catch a rhythm too and sing along with, which is a great advantage, it was stuck in my head for about 2 weeks straight and I think the people around me got sick and tired of hearing me sing it in my Joey Ramone voice. Which takes me to pointing out the duration of most of their songs. The Ramones would make their songs short. According to them if you didn’t like one of their songs you didn’t need to worry ’cause the next one was coming up.

Their debut single was of course “Blitzkrieg Bop” and it influenced punk rock bands like The Clash who did a cover of this song. “Blitzkrieg Bop” is a song based about Hitler’s army. However the lyrics are versatile in the way that you might see the song in a different manner. However you’d like imagine it. This song also created what we know today as “The Ramones” with their well-known chant “Hey! Ho! Let’s go!” in the beginning of the song. “I hate to blow the mystique, but at the time we really liked bubblegum music, and we really liked the Bay City Rollers. Their song ‘Saturday Night’ had a great chant in it, so we wanted a song with a chant in it: ‘Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!’. ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ was our ‘Saturday Night’.”- Joey Ramone.

The Ramones are one of my favorite rock bands of all time, since the music that they make is always catchy, simple and not confusing. Their songs never get boring and are always a real good groove to go all Joey Ramone to.

This band is the real definition of ‘cool’.

The Ramones playing live.

The Sounds of Nirvana + Pennyroyal Tea

The band Nirvana (not the religious term even though for Kurt that’s what inspired him with the band name) is probably one of the best grunge bands to ever exist! We all know about them, even if it’s just through their successful single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which was basically the voice of a generation in the 90s.
Nirvana IS the 90s, the way they explored with different sounds in their songs adding up to Kurt Cobain’s unique vocals which can go from beautiful to raw.
The band is made up of; Dave Grohl who is on the drums, moving on to our very, very tall Krist Novosellic on the bass, I guess it really does take a big man to play the bass. Pat Smear on the guitar, not many people actually notice him but he’s fairly good at what he does as well, lots of experience with different bands. Last but not least; Kurt Cobain, one of my favorite musicians of all times! He played the guitar, sang and was the man behind those carefully crafted poetic songs. Sometimes you might find the need to read his lyrics twice because they’re so deep at times! His words really dug a place inside your heart.

The fusion they built with Kurt’s vocals, the loud yet catchy drums, combined with the sloppy chords that were being played along with the supporting bass. It’s not wonder Nirvana were a bit of a new wave band.
Their sound was indescribable, a bit of rebellion in there too. Nirvana showed their listeners that music didn’t have to be perfect it just had to be straight from the soul! That to me is what MUSIC is, not the stupid commercial stuff that we have to put up with now a-days.
Moving on to the lyrics which is what really can move me if the music is right which Nirvana did superb job of doing that since they were able to build a very intense atmosphere for their listeners.
Just a while ago I was listening to their song Pennyroyal Tea; REALLY GORGEOUS. This song talks a lot about Kurt’s stomach problems and how bad they are for him. It’s just stunning how he put that song together and made you feel slightly melancholic towards it. Especially the ending part where it all just ends and how the guitar string goes, listen to it! It sounds a bit “tragical” to me which I believe is a perfect way to end a song like that. It’s very simple so you’ll need to listen closely, and feel it too.

You really have to check it out for yourself and tell me what you think about Nirvana and their song Pennyroyal Tea. I Really recommend it to you if you’re feeling a bit melancholic today, Nirvana is great for that type of stuff.